10 Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Beginners

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Embarking on your rock climbing journey requires the right gear, and a crucial component is a solid pair of climbing shoes. Our guide to the 10 best rock climbing shoes for beginners in 2024 showcases top picks from brands like Butora, La Sportiva, Evolv, and Scarpa.

Quick Recommendations

Take a quick peek at our product list or scroll down for more comprehensive reviews – either way, we’ve got you covered with our top-notch recommendations.

  • Our top pick is the La Sportiva TarantuLace. These beginner climbing shoes are secure, comfortable, and have excellent grip.
  • Comfortable and Durable Climbing Shoes with Pressure Absorbing Fit: Scarpa Origin
  • Lightweight vegan climbing shoes with superior toe protection: Evolv Defy
  • Vegan-friendly rock climbing shoes with superior grip and comfort: Black Diamond Momentum
  • Comfortable and Technical Rock Climbing Shoes for Beginners to Intermediates: Scarpa Veloce
  • Ultimate Climbing Performance with Durable Comfort: Mad Rock Flash

1. La Sportiva TarantuLace

Experience secure and comfortable climbs with excellent grip.

Our Top Pick
9/10Our Score
  • Rounded forefoot design fits more climbers comfortably
  • Durable rubber offers grip and powerful edging
  • Updated heel cup and quick lacing for a secure, customizable fit
  • Breathable leather upper conforms to foot, ideal for extended climbing
  • Not suitable for narrow feet.
  • Sizing may be challenging due to unique fit.
  • Lacks advanced features for professional climbers.


  • High-quality construction from top-tier manufacturer, La Sportiva
  • Superior grip and stability for challenging climbs
  • Versatile performance shoes suitable for climbing, hiking, trail running, and other outdoor activities
  • Lace-up-closure system allows for a customizable, comfortable fit
  • Breathable lining prevents feet from overheating during extended wear
  • Versatile design suitable for both indoor and outdoor climbing
  • Available in men’s sizes to accommodate various foot shapes and sizes

Our top pick, the TarantuLace, is an outstanding choice for beginner rock climbers who want a versatile, comfortable shoe that can handle various climbing scenarios. 

The quick-pull lacing gives climbers precise control over their fit, ensuring optimal comfort during all-day outdoor climbing trips or gym sessions. The all-leather upper provides durability, breathability, and stretches to conform to your foot shape, ensuring a secure fit without pressure points. 

Beginner climbers will appreciate the shoe’s ultra-thin, sticky FriXion RS rubber sole, which delivers excellent grip on different surfaces while remaining hard-wearing for long-term use.

La Sportiva TarantuLace is the perfect multi-purpose climbing shoe for avid climbers looking for a secure fit and great grip. Its quick-pull lacing system, durable yet breathable all-leather upper, comfortable internal tongue, and powerful edging platform perfectly suit outdoor and indoor climbing. So if you’re looking for an all-rounder, try the  La Sportiva Tarantulace.

Read our full review of the La Sportiva TarantuLace.

2. Scarpa Origin

Comfortable and Durable Climbing Shoes with Pressure Absorbing Fit.

7/10Our Score
  • Day-long comfort from passive rand
  • Achilles pressure reduction with absorbent heel system
  • Durable Vision rubber outsole for footwork training
  • Customizable fit with dual-strap closure
  • Less powerful than aggressive climbing shoes
  • May not suit advanced climbers for precise foot placement
  • Limited color options


  • Made by trusted outdoor footwear manufacturer, Scarpa
  • Unisex design for both male and female climbers
  • Contoured shape ensures great fit and comfort for extended wear
  • Specifically designed for rock climbing with durable construction using high-quality materials
  • Versatile shoe suitable for all types of climbing
  • Easy to put on and take off with adjustable hook-and-loop closure
  • Great value for the price, making it accessible to beginner or intermediate climbers
  • No break-in period required thanks to the high-quality construction

Ranking number two on our list due to its ideal combination of functionality, durability, and affordability, the SCARPA Origin Rock Climbing Shoes are an excellent investment for those new to the exhilarating world of rock climbing.

Equipped with a durable 5mm Vision rubber sole, the Scarpa Origin ensures excellent grip as you develop precise footwork techniques. The unique heel system evenly distributes force while offering active forward pressure, allowing you to develop solid techniques without compromising comfort. The dual-strap closure allows customization based on your unique foot shape and desired performance level. 

With its flat-last design and slight asymmetry, this climbing shoe provides the perfect balance of support and comfort for beginners transitioning into more advanced climbers. 

these shoes will remain reliable companions due to their flat design and slight asymmetry, prioritizing long-lasting comfort while maintaining an excellent grip on various surfaces. Overall, the Scarpa Origin provides an ideal balance between user-friendly attributes and technical prowess necessary for beginners to excel in gym or sport climbing settings.

Scarpa Origin is the perfect climbing shoe for confident beginners and seasoned climbers who want to stay comfortable. Discover a Pressure Absorbing Fit, Dual-Strap Closure, and Vision Rubber that will take your performance to the next level!

Read our full in-depth review on the Scarpa Origin climbing shoe.

3. Evolv Defy

Lightweight vegan climbing shoes with superior toe protection

7/10Our Score
  • Comfortable lightweight design (8.5 oz)
  • Ethically produced vegan-friendly materials
  • Cooling nylon mesh liner for extended sessions
  • High-traction TRAX SAS outsole and VTR rand
  • Possibly insufficient for advanced climbers
  • Few color options
  • Strap closure might be less secure than laces


  • Exceptional comfort and fit for all-day wear
  • Durable construction designed to withstand rigorous activity
  • Innovative TRAX rubber outsole provides superior traction
  • Aggressive, downturned shape for precise foot placement in steep terrain
  • Adjustable lace-up closure for a secure fit and customizable tension
  • Soft midsole for comfort during extended sessions

 Because of their exceptional quality, user-friendly design choices, and great value for money, we have ranked Evolv Defy as No.3 in our recommended beginner climbing shoes.

The Evolv Defy Climbing Shoes are reliable and versatile, especially for beginner rock climbers seeking comfort and durability. These shoes will keep your feet feeling fresh during extended climbing sessions, featuring an anatomically designed synthetic upper that is vegan-friendly and perforated to maximize breathability. 

In terms of performance, the modest asymmetry allows beginners to transition smoothly into more advanced climbing techniques without compromising comfort. The 4.2mm TRAX SAS rubber outsole provides excellent grip on various surfaces, while the MX-P 1.4mm full-length midsole offers sensitivity for better foot placement on smaller holds. The split tongue and dual hook-and-loop closure system give you easy access and security.

Evolv Defy climbing shoes are designed for the serious or casual climber looking for a comfortable and secure fit. With vegan-friendly construction, asymmetric profile, and VTR rand offering superior toe protection, it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor climbing. 

If you choose these versatile climbing shoes – you won’t be disappointed!

Read our full in-depth review on the Evolv Defy Climbing shoe.

4. Black Diamond Momentum 

Vegan-friendly rock climbing shoes with superior grip and comfort.

7/10Our Score
  • Vegan materials used
  • Soft midsole enhances comfort and sensitivity
  • Durable 4.3mm rubber for optimal performance
  • Customized fit with two adjustable Velcro straps
  • Snug fit may need half-size larger sizing
  • Stiffness can limit technical climb sensitivity
  • May lack sufficient breathability
  • Limited versatility, not for advanced climbers or aggressive climbing


  • Versatile design suitable for both climbing and gym use.
  • Durable rubber material for excellent grip and durability.
  • Flat style provides comfort during extended wear.
  • Lightweight at only 0.4 kilograms

Black Diamond Momentum rock climbing shoes are designed with beginner climbers in mind, offering an ideal combination of comfort, durability, and performance. 

 The unique molded rubber construction offers optimal consistency and performance compared to shoes with cut rubber. The Engineered Knit Technology fabric upper provides excellent breathability without compromising support or stretch. Adding a microfiber liner to the front ensures minimal stretch while maximizing comfort for extended wear – perfect for those long days at the gym or working on moderate outdoor climbs.

As a bonus point for eco-conscious individuals: Black Diamond Momentum Rock Climbing Shoes use completely vegan materials! 

With these exceptional features and attention to detail put into each pair of shoes, new rock climbers can confidently pick up this reliable footwear choice to enhance their overall experience on vertical terrain.

Black Diamond Momentum Rock Climbing Shoes are an excellent investment for beginner climbers looking for comfortable yet effective footwear that will support them as they develop their indoor and outdoor skills. Give them a try on your next climb—you won’t be disappointed!

5. Butora Acro

Ultimate snug-fit shoes for challenging climbing routes.

8/10Our Score
  • Ideal for rock and indoor climbing
  • Tight fit ensures comfort and support
  • Unisex design
  • Options for narrow feet
  • Tight fit may not suit all users
  • Higher price point than other climbing shoes
  • Limited color and design options


  • Made with rubber, leather, and polyurethane for durability and grip.
  • Modern style design that’s perfect for climbing enthusiasts.
  • Tight fit ensures maximum support during climbs.
  • Lightweight at only 493 grams, making it easy to move around while wearing them.
  • Come in narrow sizes suitable for both men and women with smaller feet

The Butora Acro is an exceptional choice for beginner rock climbers seeking a reliable, high-performing climbing shoe. Its down-turned design wrapped in NEO Fuse sticky rubber provides excellent grip on steep sport climbs and bouldering routes. The shoe ensures you can confidently tackle challenging toe hooks, heel hooks, and other crucial climbing moves without sacrificing comfort or performance.

One of the standout features of the Butora Acro is its availability in two different widths: wide (orange) and narrow (blue). This allows beginner climbers to choose the perfect fit based on their foot shape for maximum stability during their climb. These shoes are designed to be worn slightly tighter than normal street shoes, so sizing down by half from your regular shoe size will ensure an aggressive yet comfortable fit.

In addition to its impressive performance capabilities, beginners will appreciate how easily they can break in these shoes right out of the box without sacrificing durability or support throughout climbs.

If you’re looking for reliable, high-performance indoor/outdoor climbing shoes specifically designed for beginners, which will continue to give you top performance as your skills develop – look no further than Butora Acro!

This Unisex Acro Climbing Shoe from Butora is perfect for beginners and experienced climbers alike. With a low profile design, tight fit construction, and superior grip – these shoes are built for anyone looking to conquer challenging routes without sacrificing comfort. Get yours now and take your climbing game to new heights!

6. Scarpa Veloce

Comfortable and Technical Rock Climbing Shoes for Beginners to Intermediates

7/10Our Score
  • Comfortable for long gym sessions
  • Wide toe box for better fit and comfort
  • Breathable construction for cool feet during climbs
  • More technical, suitable for intermediate climbers
  • S-72 sole provides technical precision
  • Sizing may run small, sizing up may be necessary
  • Not suitable for advanced climbers or aggressive shoes seekers
  • Costlier than some beginner/intermediate options


  • High Quality: Made by SCARPA, the Scarpa Veloce is designed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.
  • Comfortable Fit: With a comfortable fit for prolonged use
  • Lightweight Construction: The Scarpa Veloce is lightweight, making it easy to move around without feeling weighed down.
  • Designed for use in climbing gyms.
  • Versatile, whether climbing or simply walking around town, these shoes can handle any activity with ease.

SCARPA Veloce Rock Climbing Shoes are an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate climbers looking to level up their skills. With a specially designed wide toe-box, these shoes provide ample comfort and support for those long climbing sessions without sacrificing performance. The breathable construction ensures your feet stay cool and dry while you tackle challenging routes, making this shoe perfect for gym climbing environments.

One of the standout features of the Scarpa Veloce is its S-72 (4mm) sole that offers great grip on holds and edges throughout your climbing session. This durable rubber compound also provides improved sensitivity, allowing climbers to feel subtle changes in terrain as they push themselves to new heights. 

SCARPA Men’s Veloce Rock Climbing Shoes perfectly blend comfort and technical performance for those just starting out or advancing in their indoor climbing journey. The combination of breathability and grip provided by the S-72 sole makes it easier to maintain focus on improving technique without being distracted by discomfort or lackluster footwear options. So if you’re serious about honing your rock-climbing skills at the gym, don’t miss out on experiencing the benefits of Scarpa Veloce shoes!

The SCARPA Veloce Rock Climbing Shoes are perfect for all beginner to intermediate climbers looking for a more technical climbing shoe that is reliable, comfortable, and affordable. Featuring a wide toe-box and breathable construction, they are the ideal choice for those long climbing sessions in the gym. Step up your game now – grab a pair of Veloce shoes today!

7. Five Ten NIAD VCS

Best for performance climbers seeking durable and comfortable climbing shoes.

7/10Our Score
  • Medium-stiff midsole provides excellent support and balance
  • Easy to put on/take off with hook-and-loop closure
  • Rubber sole offers superior grip and durability
  • Imported materials ensure high-quality, long-lasting use
  • Sizing runs small, may need to order half size up
  • May not suit those with wider feet
  • Lacing system can be difficult to adjust
  • Not suitable for those preferring extremely flexible shoe


  • Five Ten NIAD VCS is a high-performance women’s climbing shoe.
  • Comfortable fit, with a breathable synthetic upper and lined interior.
  • Equipped with thermoplastic midsoles for added support on long climbs
  • Features a sticky Stealth C4 rubber outsole for excellent traction on any surface
  • Equipped with Five Ten’s innovative closure system for a customized and snug fit
  • Lightweight design ideal for technical climbs and bouldering
  • Superior durability making it an investment that lasts beyond just one season of climbing.

The Five Ten NIAD VCS is an exceptional choice for beginner rock climbers seeking comfort, performance, and versatility in their climbing shoes. The medium-stiff midsole perfectly balances rigidity and sensitivity, allowing you to edge confidently on small footholds while maintaining excellent contact with smears. The durable rubber sole features Stealth rubber coverage over the toe area, providing improved grip on all surfaces and better overall friction.

These shoes are designed to adapt quickly to various rock types – from limestone crags to granite boulders – making them ideal for new climbers who want a versatile shoe without compromising performance. So if you’re starting rock climbing and looking for reliable footwear that won’t hold you back as you push your limits, the Five Ten NIAD VCS is worth considering.

Five Ten NIAD VCS Climbing Shoes are perfect for active people who love exploring the outdoors. With medium-stiff soles, hook-and-loop closure, and a rubber sole, this product is perfect for performance climbers looking to take their skills to the next level.

 Try on a pair today and make your next climb your best!

8. Mad Rock Flash

Ultimate Climbing Performance with Durable Comfort

8/10Our Score
  • Premium rubber sole provides excellent grip and traction
  • Durable material and construction withstand regular use
  • Extensive range of sizes for better fit
  • Comfortable fit for extended sessions
  • May not fit comfortably for those with wider feet
  • Other options may be more durable
  • Not suitable for advanced climbers on challenging routes


  • Lightweight and comfortable design for all-day wear.
  • Durable construction that can withstand the toughest climbs.
  • High-friction rubber soles provide excellent grip on any surface.
  • Versatile enough to be used for both indoor and outdoor climbing.
  • Easy-to-use lacing system ensures a secure fit every time.
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit most feet.

Mad Rock Flash 2018 Climbing Shoes are an excellent choice for beginner rock climbers who want a reliable, comfortable, high-performance shoe to support their climbing journey. The durable rubber soles provide exceptional grip on various surfaces. 

aOne of the standout features of the Mad Rock Flash is its user-friendly design that caters specifically to those just starting rock climbing. The shoe’s moderately downturned shape provides support and flexibility where it matters most, aiding beginners as they develop their skills and techniques on the wall. Additionally, the hook-and-loop closure system allows for easy adjustments to achieve a secure fit every time.

Mad Rock Flash 2018 Climbing Shoes are well worth considering for any aspiring climber looking to invest in high-quality footwear. With their combination of top-notch materials, accessible design choices, and aesthetically appealing colorway – not to mention a price point that won’t break the bank – these shoes will serve as reliable companions on your journey toward mastering rock climbing.

Ideal for the adventurous climber looking to conquer their climbing goals, the Mad Rock Flash 2018 Climbing Shoes are designed for superior performance and comfortable durability. Try on a pair today. You won’t regret it!

9. Scarpa Vapor V

Best for serious climbers looking to edge on thin holds.

7/10Our Score
  • Bi-Tension Rand enhances power and reduces foot discomfort
  • Flexan Dynamic Midsole reduces foot fatigue on multi-pitch climbs
  • Vibram XS Edge Rubber outsole provides grip on thin edges and steep terrain
  • Microsuede upper with reduced tongue volume ensures all-day comfort
  • May not fit well for those with wider feet
  • Not recommended for beginners due to aggressive downturn
  • Slightly more expensive than other climbing shoes on the market


  • Expertly designed by Scarpa for enhanced performance
  • Durable construction with high-quality materials
  • Features a snug fit for added comfort and support
  • Easy to adjust with velcro straps
  • Lightweight at only 6.8 ounces

The Scarpa Vapor V is an exceptional option for beginner rock climbers looking to elevate their game. With impressive features such as the Bi-Tension Rand and Flexan Dynamic Midsole, this shoe offers a comfortable yet powerful climbing experience. The Bi-Tension Rand system connects your heel to your toe, resulting in less foot discomfort and increased power transfer to your edging surface. Moreover, the redesigned Flexan midsole provides ample support while reducing foot fatigue during those long multi-pitch climbs.

One of the standout elements of these climbing shoes is their versatility in form. Combining a moderate downturn with a slightly asymmetric profile, the Vapor V can handle everything from short technical boulders to long vertical headwalls, making it perfect for sport climbing and bouldering. Vibram XS Edge Rubber also provides excellent grip on even the thinnest edges without compromising comfort or sensitivity when needed.

Scarpa Vapor V rock climbing shoes offer beginners performance and comfort by incorporating top-notch design and advanced options. These versatile shoes are perfect whether you’re starting your rock-climbing journey or looking for an affordable shoe that excels across various terrains. Gear up with confidence when you step into a pair of Scarpa Vapor Vs!

Scarpa Vapor V rock climbing shoes are perfect for adventurous climbers looking for a balance between performance and comfort. With features like the Bi-Tension Rand, Flexan Midsole, Vibram XS Edge Rubber, and suede uppers, this climbing shoe provides unbeatable grip, support, and sensitivity in all terrain. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast ready to take on your next big climb, pick up the SCARPA Vapor V!

10. La Sportiva Zenit

Take Your Climbing Performance to the Next Level with Zenit

8/10Our Score
  • Versatile shoe for rapid skill advancement
  • Breathable knit upper for comfort and precision
  • Stiffer midsole enhances support and performance
  • Rubber sole and 2mm Vibram XS Grip Toe Rand for superior grip
  • May not suit beginners or those with wider feet
  • Stiffer midsole might not provide maximum sensitivity
  • Lacks upper padding, not ideal for crack climbing
  • Dual hook and loop closures take longer to adjust
  • Pricier than other climbing shoes


  • Great support and stability for outdoor activities
  • Made with high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting wear.
  • Features excellent traction for improved grip on rocky or slippery surfaces
  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to move quickly and efficiently
  • Versatile enough to be worn on hikes, trail runs, or everyday activities
  • Designed to provide excellent comfort and protection for all-day wear

The La Sportiva Zenit rock climbing shoes are excellent for beginner climbers looking to improve their skills and take on new challenges. These shoes are designed with a comfortable, breathable Multi-Zone knit upper and provide a precise fit and sufficient air circulation during high-intensity climbs. The dual hook-and-loop closure system and heel pull tabs make slipping the Zenits on and off easily while ensuring your feet remain secure during your ascent.

One of the key features beginners will appreciate is the stiffer 1.8mm LaspoFlex midsole that offers support without sacrificing performance. The durable sole construction with a 2mm FriXion RS Pre-Injected Heel and 5mm Vibram XS Grip half sole provides maximum grip and stability

 With its versatility and well-rounded design, La Sportiva’s Mens Zenit Rock Climbing Shoes will be an invaluable asset for entry-level enthusiasts aiming to excel in this thrilling sport.

The La Sportiva Zenit Rock Climbing Shoes are the perfect choice for intermediate climbers looking to take their performance to the next level. These shoes will help any climber reach new heights with comfort, breathability, and superior support. Try them out today and experience your climbing goals like never before!

Read our full review on the La Sportiva Zenit climbing shoe.

View our roundup video that covers the 5 Best Rock Climbing Shoes in this article:

Factors To Consider When Choosing Rock Climbing Shoes For Beginners

When selecting rock climbing shoes for beginners, it is important to consider fit and comfort, the type of climbing being done, and the shoe’s closure system.

Fit And Comfort

Fit and comfort are crucial when choosing the perfect beginner climbing shoes. A properly fitted shoe should feel snug without causing pain, ensuring optimal support and precision during your climb.

As a beginner climber, balancing performance with comfort is essential since long hours at the gym or crag can be taxing on your feet. Many beginner models prioritize all-day wearability by offering a flatter sole with less aggressive downturns than advanced options.

For example, the La Sportiva Tarantulace is known for its comfortable fit yet remains efficient on various surfaces due to its sticky rubber exterior.

Type Of Climbing

As a beginner rock climber, it’s essential to understand the different types of climbing you might encounter, such as bouldering, sport climbing, crack climbing, and multi-pitch climbing.

Each type of climbing requires various techniques and skills that can impact your shoe choice. For instance, bouldering often demands more aggressive shoes with downturned soles to better grip small footholds and overhangs. At the same time, crack climbers may prefer stiffer shoes that protect their feet as they wedge them into tight spaces in the natural rock formations.

If you are a beginner exploring different aspects of the sport, we recommend starting with neutral or moderately designed shoes that allow you to explore various styles without committing to one specialty.

Closure System

One crucial aspect for beginner rock climbers to consider is the closure system. Generally, there are three categories: laces, Velcro, and slippers.

Lace-up shoes provide the most customizable fit, as you can tighten or loosen them according to your comfort level. This precise adjustment can benefit those new to climbing and still discovering their ideal shoe tightness.

On the other hand, Velcro closures offer convenience and ease in putting on or taking off shoes quickly between climbs – a common practice during gym sessions or bouldering.

Lastly, slipper-style climbing shoes have an elastic closure that delivers maximum sensitivity on the rock surface but may lack overall support compared to laced or Velcro options.

After extensive research and testing at gyms, crags, and boulders worldwide, we’ve narrowed our selection to prioritize fit, comfort, and performance for new climbers.


1. How do I know if a pair of rock climbing shoes is the right size for me?

The best way to ensure a proper fit for your new rock climbing shoes is to try them on at a store specializing in outdoor gear. Ensure there is no excessive space between your toes and the front of your shoe and that your heel fits snugly without slipping.

2. Can beginner climbers use more advanced shoes?

While more advanced shoes might offer greater performance benefits, they can also be less forgiving with improper technique or foot placement. It’s recommended that beginner climbers stick with shoes designed specifically for their skill level until they feel confident moving up.

3. How often should I replace my rock climbing shoes?

The frequency with which you’ll need to replace your rock climbing shoes will depend on how often you use them. Most experts suggest every 6-12 months or around 200-300 hours of use – whichever comes first. 

Signs that it may be time to replace your shoes include significant wear on the sole or upper material and loss of grip on surfaces such as indoor walls or real rocks outdoors.

4, Can beginner climbing shoes be resoled, or is it better to upgrade to a more advanced shoe? 

While it’s true that many beginner climbing shoes can be resoled, you’ll want to weigh the benefits of resoling against the potential advantages of upgrading to a more advanced shoe.

As you progress in your climbing journey, your skills will likely outgrow the capabilities of your beginner shoes. If you struggle with tiny edges and foot jibs, it may be time to invest in a more advanced pair with better performance, fit, and precision.

However, if your beginner shoes still feel comfortable and meet your climbing needs, resoling can be a cost-effective way to extend their lifespan. 

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal climbing goals. 

4. How do I properly clean and maintain my beginner climbing shoes to ensure they last longer? 

To properly clean and maintain your beginner climbing shoes, remove any dirt and debris from the soles after each climbing session using a soft brush or cloth. 

For more thorough cleaning, dampen a cloth with water and mild soap, then gently wipe the shoes’ uppers and soles. Always avoid submerging your shoes in water, which can cause the materials to break down over time.

Avoid exposing your shoes to extreme heat or direct sunlight, which can damage the rubber and adhesive. Instead, air-dry your shoes in a well-ventilated area.

 Finally, store your climbing shoes in a cool, dry place to help preserve their shape and performance.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to protect your investment and enjoy more time on the wall 

5. Are there any specific techniques or exercises that can help me improve my footwork while using beginner climbing shoes?

To improve your footwork while using beginner climbing shoes, practice specific techniques and exercises emphasizing precision and control. Start by incorporating ‘quiet feet’ drills into your climbing sessions, where you aim to place your feet on holds as silently and softly as possible, forcing you to be more deliberate with your movements. 

Additionally, try ‘hovering’ where you slowly move your foot towards a hold, hover just above it for a couple of seconds, and gently place it on the hold. This helps develop accuracy and balance. Don’t forget to work on your flexibility and core strength, as both are crucial in efficient footwork.

As you progress, you’ll find that honing your footwork skills makes you a better climber and helps you get the most out of your beginner shoes on the wall.

6. How can I determine the right size and fit for my climbing shoes when buying online?

To determine the correct size and fit for your climbing shoes when buying online, it’s crucial first to consult each brand’s specific sizing chart, as they can vary. 

Measure your feet accurately by tracing their outline on a piece of paper while standing, and then measure the length and width. Compare these measurements to the brand’s sizing chart to find the appropriate size. 

Additionally, read user reviews to gain insight into how the shoes fit regarding tightness, comfort, and potential stretching, as this can greatly impact your experience.

Remember that climbing shoes should fit snugly but not painfully, and different types of climbing may require a slightly different fit.

Don’t be afraid to contact the brand’s customer service or online climbing communities for guidance and support in finding the perfect fit for your climbing journey.

So, What Are The Best Rock Climbing Shoes For Beginners?

Finding the best rock climbing shoes for beginners can be daunting, but with our tips on choosing the right fit and style, and our top ten choices, you’ll be ready to take your climbing skills to new heights.

We highly recommend our favorite pick, La Sportiva TarantuLace. These shoes have exceptional quality, durability, versatility, and performance features, making your climb comfortable and secure. Whether you’re just starting out or an intermediate climber looking for a reliable pair of shoes, these options are perfect for all climbing activities.

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