About Us

Hey fellow rock climber! I’m Daniel, the heart and soul behind ClimbingJunkie.

My Story

My adventure with rock climbing unexpectedly started when I went to summer camp in the Sequoia National Forest in California when I was seventeen. My parents put me in a rock climbing course, and I was hooked. From that day on, rock climbing, rock climbing was more than just a hobby, it was my newfound passion. Each climb from there on was an adrenaline rush, a unique problem to solve, and an opportunity to push my boundaries.

As a beginner, I remember the feelings of self-doubt, the struggle to trust my gear, the unrefined technique, and the fear of heights. But the sense of accomplishment that came with every small victory was addictive. I was learning to conquer my fears, believe in myself, and appreciate the world’s beauty from perspectives not many get to experience.

In the following years, my weekend climbs turned into a life-altering passion. The rock faces became my second home. But my journey wasn’t without challenges. Balancing my regular job, my two kids, and my newfound love for climbing was a constant juggling act. However, every sweaty, grueling session brought a deeper connection to my inner self and the world around me.

Creating ClimbingJunkie was a natural progression. It was born out of a desire to support others who, like me, were venturing into the world of climbing. I wanted to build a platform that provided practical guides and tips and shared the experiences, trials, and triumphs of climbing, a place I would have loved to find when I started my climbing journey.

Our Team

Behind ClimbingJunkie is an enthusiastic team of climbers and outdoor lovers. Their diverse experiences and shared passion for climbing contribute to the richness of the community we’ve created. Together, we recognize the importance of a supportive and inclusive climbing community that motivates, inspires, and feels like a family.

What We Offer

At ClimbingJunkie, we focus on supporting new and intermediate climbers, offering comprehensive guides, gear reviews, training advice, and beginner-friendly climbing spots. This platform is your space to share stories, make connections, and grow with fellow climbers.

Our Values

Our guiding principle at ClimbingJunkie is to harness the transformative power of climbing and share it with the world. We stand by the values of environmental respect, mental well-being, and safety. Our commitment lies in delivering relatable and empowering content to support your climbing journey.

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