11 Best Bouldering Shoes 2024

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10 Best Bouldering Shoes 2023

Bouldering has taken the climbing community by storm, and with this explosive growth comes an influx of specialized gear designed to help you conquer even the trickiest routes.

We’ve rigorously tested and evaluated some of the industry’s most promising footwear to bring you our top picks for bouldering shoes that deliver optimum performance, fit, and durability.

In this guide, we’ll review everything from fan favorites like Scarpa Drago (the Ferrari LaFerrari of climbing shoes) to versatile all-rounders like Evolv Shaman.

Quick Recommendations

Take a quick recommendation and browse through our product list, or keep scrolling for detailed reviews to make an informed decision.

1. SCARPA Instinct VSR

Bouldering Shoes - SCARPA Instinct VSR Rock Climbing Shoes for Sport Climbing and Bouldering

Lightweight and Supportive Climbing Shoes for High Performance


  • Designed for sport climbing and bouldering
  • VSR rubber sole provides excellent grip and sensitivity
  • Bi – Tension Active Randing system enhances power and precision
  • Microsuede upper conforms to your foot shape for a custom fit
  • Velcro closure allows for easy on/off and adjustments during climbs
  • Lightweight construction reduces fatigue during long sessions

SCARPA Instinct VSR Rock Climbing Shoes are an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate climbers seeking comfortable, high-performance shoes designed specifically for sport climbing and bouldering.

These shoes feature a unique Bi-Tension Rand system that connects the heel to the toe with a reverse slingshot design, significantly reducing foot discomfort while simultaneously providing increased power directed toward its primary edging surface. This ensures that every move you make on the walls feels seamless, backed up by impressive support from Flexan Dynamic Midsole.

In addition to comfort and performance, SCARPA Instinct VSR also excels in grip quality thanks to Vibram XS Grip 2 Rubber. This rubber is perfect for any rock type or style – stiff enough for optimal support yet sufficiently sticky to easily handle steep walls and overhanging boulders. The added toe rubber offers maximum coverage during tricky toe hooks and bat hangs maneuvers you’ll encounter while climbing challenging routes. 

This shoe provides everything lighter climbers need without being overly stiff – that’s why we’ve ranked it No. 1 on our list! Give these shoes a try and take your rock climbing experience to new heights as you confidently tackle diverse terrains with precise control and enhanced grip offered by SCARPA Instinct VSR Rock Climbing Shoes for Sport Climbing and Bouldering.

Improved foot comfort with the Bi-Tension Rand designMay not be suitable for heavier climbers who require more support and stiffness in their shoes.
Reduced foot fatigue on multi-pitch routes with Flexan Dynamic MidsoleThe sizing may run small, requiring buyers to go a half or full size up from their usual shoe size.
Maximum grip on all types of rock surfaces thanks to Vibram XS Grip 2 rubberHigher price point compared to other entry-level rock climbing shoes on the market.
Ideal for lighter climbers who need a less stiff shoe for more flexibility and better performance

SCARPA Instinct VSR Rock Climbing Shoes are perfect for the sport climber or boulderer who needs a light and supportive shoe. If you’re looking for an all-around climbing shoe designed specifically for performance and comfort, look no further.

2. SCARPA Drago

Bouldering Shoes - SCARPA Drago Rock Climbing Shoes for Sport Climbing and Bouldering

Unmatched Sensitivity and Grip


  • Specialized performance: Designed for sport climbing and bouldering with precision in mind.
  • Sensitivity: Allows for enhanced feel on the rock surface, resulting in better grip and control.
  • Lightweight: Weighing only 1.29 pounds, these shoes won’t weigh you down during your climb.
  • Durable construction: Made by SCARPA, a trusted manufacturer of quality climbing gear that you can count on to last through multiple seasons of use.
  • Comfortable fit: With a male-specific design and package dimensions of 13 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches, these shoes will provide a secure and comfortable fit for any climber’s foot shape.
  • Eye-catching style: The Drago Rock Climbing Shoes look great while providing exceptional performance features that are sure to impress both fellow climbers and casual observers alike.

SCARPA Drago Rock Climbing Shoes offer a specialized performance for sensitivity, making them an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate rock climbers looking to up their game in sport climbing and bouldering. 

Designed with Surround Rubber Tension technology, these shoes feature a layer of soft M50 rubber around the forefoot, enhancing toe stiffness for better traction during hooks and scums. In addition, the Power Connection Band (PCB) Active Rand minimizes the layers around your foot for greater sensitivity and precision on slick footholds.

Constructed with Vibram XS Grip 2 Rubber, these SCARPA Drago Rock Climbing Shoes provide optimum grip across different rock types and styles. The synthetic microfiber upper reduces stretchability while retaining fit perfection over multiple seasons of use. The thin midsole and aggressive downturn give climbers much-needed sensitivity for tackling steep sport climbs or technical boulders. 

Ranking as our No. 2 pick in this category, the combination of high-quality features is perfect for climbers who require both comfort and performance while navigating diverse terrains during their rock-climbing escapades.

Exceptional toe hook and scumming abilityMay not provide enough support for climbers who prefer a more rigid shoe
Greater sensitivity and precision on slick footholdsThese shoes are on the pricier side compared to other rock climbing shoe options
Ideal grip for steeper walls and overhanging bouldersThe aggressive downturn design may be uncomfortable for climbers with wider feet
Long-lasting fit with minimized stretching

These shoes are best suited for those serious climbers who crave precision on tricky footholds. It provides superior sensitivity, grip, and control for advanced sport climbs or boulders. For maximum comfort and gripping power, SCARPA’s Drago Rock Climbing Shoes will help you take your climbing to the next level.

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3. La Sportiva Solution

Bouldering Shoes - La Sportiva Men's Solution Rock Climbing Shoe

Superior grip and support


  • Precision fit design for maximum performance during rock climbing
  • Innovative P3 technology maintains shoe shape and enhances edging ability
  • Vibram XS Grip2 rubber sole offers superior grip on any surface
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure system ensures a secure and customized fit
  • Durable construction with leather upper and anti-slip mesh lining
  • Lightweight build at just under 2 pounds per pair for effortless agility on the wall

The La Sportiva Men’s Solution Rock Climbing Shoe is a top contender for beginner and intermediate rock climbers, thanks to its perfect blend of comfort, performance, and durability.

This shoe features Vibram XS Grip2 rubber (4mm), providing excellent traction on various surfaces. The innovative Face Lacing System and hook-and-loop closure ensure a snug fit without sacrificing flexibility or circulation.

A key component in the design of the La Sportiva Solution is the LaspoFlex midsole (1.1 mm) that offers ideal stiffness while maintaining sensitivity during climbs. The upper material is made from leather combined with Lorica, which enhances breathability and overall durability of the shoes. 

Ranked as No. 3 on our list, this shoe provides an optimal balance between price and quality, making it a solid investment for climbers looking to elevate their skill level.

Superior grip with Vibram XS Grip2 rubber soleMay be uncomfortable for those with wider feet
Precise and customizable fit with the hook-and-loop closure and Face Lacing SystemNot suitable for beginners due to aggressive design
Durable construction with leather and Lorica upper materialHigher price point compared to other climbing shoes in the market
Comfortable feel during climbs with HF lining in toe box and arch

La Sportiva Men’s Solution Rock Climbing Shoes are perfect for adventurous climbers looking to challenge themselves and take on difficult terrain. With its Vibram XS Grip2 rubber sole, Face Lacing System closure, and Lorica upper material, this shoe will provide you with the necessary support and stability to conquer any wall.

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4. La Sportiva Miura VS

Bouldering Shoes - La Sportiva Miura VS Climbing Shoe Men's

Advanced Climbing Shoes


  • High performance: The La Sportiva Miura VS Climbing Shoe is designed for experienced climbers looking for a high-performance shoe.
  • Precise fit: It features a precise, snug fit that allows you to feel the rock and make micro-adjustments with ease.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re tackling steep sport routes or technical boulder problems, this shoe can handle it all.
  • Durable construction: The Miura VS is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity even with frequent use.
  • Easy on/off: Double Velcro straps make it easy to put on and take off the shoes between climbs without sacrificing security or fit.
  • Unisex design: With a unisex design, these shoes are perfect for any climber regardless of gender.

La Sportiva Miura VS Men’s Climbing Shoes are perfect for both beginner and intermediate rock climbers who want to up their game. 

This high-performance shoe features a Velcro lacing system, ensuring a quick fit while providing ample support during those challenging climbs. With its innovative technical solutions, like the P3 technology and structured design from single-piece leather, this shoe offers extreme sensitivity and structure needed when navigating through tough routes.

One of the standout features of the Miura VS is its P3 (Permanent Power Platform) technology that maintains the downturned shape over time. This patented system helps with precision on small holds and steep terrain. 

The Vibram XS Edge sole provides excellent grip and durability – making it ideal even for outdoor climbing. As you progress in your climbing journey, rest assured that these shoes will consistently deliver top-level performance.

The La Sportiva Miura VS is an exceptional choice for any avid climber. Its combination of cutting-edge technologies ensures your feet stay secure without sacrificing sensitivity or power on those harder climbs. Try this fantastic pair, feel confident tackling new challenges, and watch your skills soar!

Aggressive design for enhanced climbing performanceMay not be suitable for beginners or those with wider feet
Dual hook-and-loop closure system for a secure fitThe rubber soles can wear down quickly depending on use and terrain
Durable construction with long-lasting rubber soleSome customers report the shoes require a break-in period to become comfortable
Suitable for sport and indoor climbing activities

The La Sportiva Miura VS is the perfect shoe for advanced rock climbers planning to take their performance to the next level. These shoes provide superior grip, stability, and control on all kinds of terrain – from steep roofs to vertical slabs. So if you’re an experienced climber ready for a new challenge, grab a pair today and get set to conquer your limits!

5. La Sportiva Theory

Bouldering Shoes - La Sportiva Men's Theory Rock Climbing Shoe

Great for Modern Competitive Climbing


  • Designed for rock climbers: The La Sportiva Men’s Theory Rock Climbing Shoe is specifically crafted to provide superior grip and performance on rocky surfaces.
  • Lightweight construction: These shoes are ultra-lightweight, allowing you to climb with ease and agility without feeling weighed down.
  • Enhanced precision: With a snug fit and precise shape, these shoes help you maintain maximum control while climbing challenging routes.
  • Durable build quality: Made from top-quality materials, these shoes are built to last through even the toughest of climbs and regular use.
  • Versatile in nature: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, climbers can use these shoes at any level – whether beginner or advanced.
  • Comfortable fit: The Theory Rock Climbing Shoe offers an optimal balance between stability and cushioning, ensuring maximum comfort during extended wear sessions.

La Sportiva Men’s Theory Rock Climbing Shoes are a top-tier choice for both beginner and intermediate climbers seeking comfort, performance, and versatility on the rock. Designed with advanced technology and innovative outsoles, this shoe adapts effortlessly to modern competition climbing requirements.

This shoe boasts patented P3 platforms that maintain powerful downturned performance essential for gripping holds at various angles. The hybrid D-Tech outsoles combine no-edge and edge technologies to accommodate diverse footwork techniques in any climbing situation.

The Vibram XS Grip2 rubber offers a reliable grip while retaining sensitivity for better power transfer when you need it most.

La Sportiva Men’s Theory Rock Climbing Shoes ensure superior grip and adaptability, allowing enhanced power-focus towards your toes while making adjustments mid-climb. With well-rounded features that cater to both novice boulderers and seasoned sport climbers alike – these high-performance shoes are an exceptional investment in your vertical adventures.

Provide a tight, yet comfortable fit for optimal climbing performanceSizing may be difficult to get right, so referencing the La Sportiva size chart is essential.
Feature a microfiber and leather upper with hybrid D-Tech outsoles for futuristic footworkThe fit should be tight, which may be uncomfortable for some users.
Maintain powerful downturned performance with updated low-profile heel and patented P3 platformsThe price is on the higher end for climbing shoes.
Offers top-to-bottom sticky rubber and Vibram XS Grip2 rubber sole for reliable grip and easy resoling

This product is perfect for competitive climbers who are seeking performance-focused footwear that can help them conquer any rock wall. With strong, secure grip and precise power transfer, La Sportiva Men’s Theory Rock Climbing Shoe will have you climbing like never before – so join the club and try them today!

6. La Sportiva Skwama

Bouldering Shoes - La Sportiva Men's Skwama Rock Climbing Shoes

Ultimate Comfort and Grip


  • Designed specifically for rock climbing
  • Sensitive and precise fit for maximum performance
  • Made with high-quality materials to withstand wear and tear
  • Sticky rubber sole provides excellent grip on various surfaces
  • Breathable construction keeps feet cool and comfortable while climbing.
  • Versatile design suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

La Sportiva Men’s Skwama Rock Climbing Shoes offer a perfect balance of comfort and performance for beginner and intermediate rock climbers. 

The Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber soul makes them an excellent choice for durability, reliable grip, and enhanced friction in slippery conditions while edging on micro-edges or smearing on slabs.

Constructed with a combination of leather, microfiber, and rubber materials, the Skwama ensures flexibility without sacrificing support. The unlined upper conforms to your foot for added sensitivity when feeling out holds during technical climbs. Meanwhile, the 0.8mm LaspoFlex midsole delivers sufficient stiffness and rigidity without compromising lightweight properties or overall shoe sensitivity. The hook-and-loop closure system makes these shoes easy to put on and take off – ideal for long days at the crag or indoor climbing gym.

Overall, La Sportiva’s Skwama Rock Climbing Shoes are perfect for both novice and seasoned climbers looking for comfortable, sturdy climbing shoes suitable for diverse terrains and environments. The Skwarna is known among climbers as a versatile shoe that can seamlessly adapt from one climbing style to another.

Superior grip with Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber soleMay not be suitable for beginners or those with wider feet
Precise and comfortable fit with hook-and-loop closure and microfiber/leather upper materialsHigher price than some of the other rock climbing shoes on the market
Durable construction with 0.8mm LaspoFlex midsoleUnlined interior may cause discomfort or irritation for some users
Versatile for various climbing styles due to unlined lining design

The stylish La Sportiva Men’s Skwama Rock Climbing Shoes are perfect for seasoned professionals or newcomers who are looking for the perfect balance of support and grip in a shoe that’s comfortable enough to wear all day. Take your next climb to new heights and click now to get your own pair of La Sportiva!

7. La Sportiva Tarantulace

Bouldering Shoes - La Sportiva Men's Tarantulace Rock Climbing Shoe

Best for Versatile Climbing Needs


  • Made by reputable manufacturer La Sportiva
  • Specifically designed for men’s feet
  • Durable and long – lasting rock climbing shoe
  • Shoe design provides excellent grip and traction

La Sportiva Men’s Tarantulace Rock Climbing Shoes are versatile climbing shoes designed for beginner and intermediate climbers who want a comfortable and durable indoor or outdoor option. 

With a rounded forefoot and higher volume, these shoes fit snugly without causing discomfort during long climbs. The sticky FriXion RS rubber provides excellent grip, while the ultra-thin LaSpoflex midsole enhances torsional rigidity to give you an edge on challenging routes.

Whether you are just starting out in rock climbing or progressing to more difficult climbs, the secure fit of this robust shoe offers much-needed support. The quick-pull lacing ensures a precise fit along your foot’s length while also allowing easy adjustments as needed. Additionally, the breathable all-leather upper allows air circulation so you can stay focused on your climb without worrying about sweaty feet.

 Expertly crafted with functionality in mind, the La Sportiva Men’s Tarantulace Rock Climbing Shoe guarantees outstanding performance at an affordable price point – making it an ideal choice for climbers seeking both comfort and durability on indoor gym walls or outdoor crags alike.

Comfortable fit for more climbersMay not offer enough sensitivity for more advanced climbers
Great grip with increased durability and edging platformSizing can be tricky and may require trying on multiple sizes before finding the right fit
Secure and snug fit with quick-pull lacing and heel cup designNot ideal for crack climbing due to lack of well-defined toe box.
Breathable, durable all-leather upper ideal for indoor or outdoor climbing

This product is perfect for the active climber looking for a versatile and comfortable shoe to take them from the gym to outdoor climbs. With its secure fit, breathable upper, and durable grip, La Sportiva Men’s Tarantulace Rock Climbing Shoe will get you through any challenge! Try it out today!

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8. Tenaya Iati Rock Climbing Shoe

Bouldering Shoes - Tenaya Iati Rock Climbing Shoe

Unbeatable Grip and Comfort for Ambitious Climbers


  • Made with a blend of leather, rubber, cotton, and mesh for maximum durability and breathability.
  • Modern style and white/red color scheme make them stand out from other climbing shoes.
  • Designed specifically for rock climbing with a snug and comfortable fit that provides excellent support and precision on tough climbs.
  • Suitable for men’s use in size 8 or women’s use in size 9.
  • Lightweight at only 696.3 grams, making them easy to carry on long hikes to your favorite climbing destinations.
  • Manufactured by Tenaya, a trusted name in the world of outdoor sports equipment known for producing high-quality gear that lasts.

The Tenaya Iati Rock Climbing Shoe is a top choice for beginner and intermediate rock climbers seeking performance and comfort. 

Expertly designed with a combination of microfiber, leather, and Lycra upper material, the Iati provides optimal durability while maintaining breathability on your climb. The Draxtor hook-and-loop closure system offers a secure yet easily adjustable fit tailored to the unique shape of each climber’s foot.

One standout feature of the Iati is its Vibram XS Grip rubber sole (3.5mm), which enhances friction with the climbing surface for improved grip and stability. Coupled with their 2D multi-layer stretch tex midsole technology that offers precise edging control, these shoes help boost both your confidence and climbing abilities on various terrains. Additionally, TXT-treated cotton lining ensures added comfort during long climbs or training sessions while preventing excessive perspiration build-up. 

Navigate difficult routes with ease as you progress through your rock-climbing journey wearing the versatile Tenaya Iati Rock Climbing Shoe.

Superior grip with Vibram XS Grip rubber for reliable traction on various surfaces.May not be suitable for beginners due to the aggressive downturn design.
Exceptional support and comfort with 2D multi-layer stretch tex midsole, GI, TST 150 and TXT-treated cotton lining.May require a break-in period for optimal comfort.
Easy and secure closure system with Draxtor hook-and-loop technology that ensures a snug fit every time.Higher price than some other climbing shoe brands.
High-quality materials such as microfiber, leather, Lycra, and 100% leather guarantee long-lasting durability.

Tenaya Iati Rock Climbing Shoes are perfect for ambitious climbers who want to take their performance to new heights. It offers maximum grip and comfort, so you can go higher on your climbs with confidence. Try it today and start scaling walls like a pro!

9. Evolv Shaman

Bouldering Shoes - Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes

Unmatched Grip and Toe Hooking Performance


  • Precision fit: The Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes offer a snug and precise fit for maximum performance.
  • Sensitivity: These shoes provide excellent sensitivity, giving you the ability to feel every hold and edge on your climb.
  • Downturned shape: The downturned shape of these climbing shoes allows for optimal power transfer from your feet to the rock or wall.
  • Sticky rubber sole: The sticky rubber sole ensures superior grip on even the smallest edges and smears.
  • Versatility: Ideal for indoor and outdoor climbing, these shoes can easily handle various terrain types.
  • Durability: Made by EVOLV, renowned for their high-quality materials and construction, these shoes are built to last.

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes are designed to provide beginner and intermediate rock climbers with the comfort, performance, and confidence needed to tackle new challenges. 

With a focus on improved fit, these reimagined versions of the original Shaman shoes feature an inset front strap for better medial side toe scumming and added toe rubber for enhanced toe hooking capabilities. The “Love Bump” and “Knuckle Box” technology offer a snug, downturned toe fit that enables powerful edging, pulling, and secure toe hooking.

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes are perfect for both beginner and intermediate climbers as they progress and take on new challenges. Its redesigned microfiber upper ensures all-day comfort while maintaining durability throughout numerous climbs. The rubber sole provides ample grip on various indoor or outdoor climbing surfaces. 

In summary, the newly redesigned Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe offers excellent performance without sacrificing comfort or user experience at any level – from beginners embarking on their first climb to skilled intermediates refining their technique. As your skillset grows alongside your passion for rock climbing, you’ll find the adaptability of Evolv Shaman shoes to be one of their most valuable features.

Undoubtedly, your Evolv Shaman shoes will become an essential part of your gear as you face ever more challenging routes indoors and out. So lace up those Shamans and prepare yourself for next-level climbing experiences!

Aggressive Shape: The aggressive downturned shape helps in tackling overhanging routes and challenging bouldering problems and provides increased power and support for toeing into small holds.Fit may not be suitable for all foot types
Sticky Rubber: The high-quality sticky rubber soles provide exceptional grip on a variety of rock surfaces, ensuring reliable traction and optimal friction for edging and smearing.Limited color options available
Comfortable Fit: The synthetic upper molds to the shape of the foot, padded tongue and collar provide a snug yet comfortable feel.Higher price than some other climbing shoe brands.
Versatility: Whether you’re climbing in the gym, tackling sport routes, or taking on challenging trad climbs, they offer the versatility needed to excel in different climbing disciplines.
Support and Performance Enhancing Features: The Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes feature various performance-enhancing features, such as the “Love Bump” midsole that improves power and precision by filling the dead space under the toes.
Trusted by Professionals: The Shaman Climbing Shoes have gained popularity among professional climbers and have been used in high-level competitions. Their performance and reliability have made them a trusted choice for climbers seeking an edge in their climbing pursuits.

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes are perfect for adventurous and daring climbers who want performance without sacrificing comfort. With their superior grip, increased toe rubber for hooking, and improved fit, these shoes will keep you safe and secure as you challenge yourself on each climb! Try them now to experience the ultimate in climbing gear.

10. SCARPA Men’s Veloce

Bouldering Shoes - SCARPA Men's Veloce Rock Climbing Shoes for Gym Climbing

Great for Indoor Climbing Gyms


  • Designed for rock climbers who frequent the gym
  • Made for men in a variety of sizes
  • Created by SCARPA, a trusted brand in outdoor footwear
  • Lightweight shoes that weigh only 1.26 pounds
  • Durable construction to withstand wear and tear on climbing walls
  • Stylish design that looks great both on and off the wall

SCARPA Men’s Veloce Rock Climbing Shoes are designed to provide both beginner and intermediate gym climbers with a comfortable, high-performance experience

Crafted with a wide toe box, these shoes accommodate various foot shapes, ensuring your feet remain relaxed even during long sessions. The shoe’s breathable construction further enhances comfort by preventing excessive sweating and odor build-up.

One of the key features of Veloce shoes is the durable S-72 (4mm) sole that offers an impressive grip on gym surfaces. This helps climbers develop precision and confidence in their footwork while progressing through routes or problems. 

With its thoughtful design choices tailored toward helping users excel, the SCARPA Men’s Veloce Rock Climbing Shoes are an excellent choice for those seeking both comfort and performance.

Comfortable for long climbing sessions in the gymNot suitable for outdoor climbing
Wide toe-box and breathable construction for beginners and intermediate climbersMay not be suitable for advanced climbers
S-72 (4mm) sole provides excellent grip and tractionLimited color options
Available in US men’s sizes 6-6.5, with a unisex design that can also fit women’s sizes 7-7.5Price is higher than some other beginner/intermediate climbing shoes

Perfect for the beginner- to intermediate-level climber looking for an all-day comfortable shoe. With their breathable construction and wide toe box, they’ll deliver superior performance in the gym.  So, don’t delay–try a pair on today and get ready to conquer new heights!

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11. Five Ten Men’s Hiangle

Bouldering Shoes - Five Ten Men's Hiangle

Maximize Your Climbing Potential with Unbeatable Support and Grip!


  • High-performance climbing shoes designed for men
  • Made by trusted brand Five Ten with a reputation for quality
  • Features a durable and grippy Stealth C4 rubber sole
  • Snug fit with synthetic Clarino microfiber upper for optimal comfort and precision
  • Ideal for bouldering, sport climbing, and gym use
  • Compact design that easily fits into your backpack or gear bag

The Five Ten Men’s Hiangle is a versatile, high-performance climbing shoe designed for beginner and intermediate rock climbers. With its unlined leather upper providing a comfortable fit and Stealth C4 rubber outsole offering unbeatable grip, this shoe empowers climbers to easily tackle various terrains.

One of the key features of the Hiangle is its stiff toe box, which provides superior edging capabilities. This allows climbers to trust their feet on even the smallest of holds while maintaining stability during technical movements. The single-strand Velcro closure system ensures a secure fit that can be easily adjusted between climbs or during extended sessions, and the durable split-grain leather material stands up well against wear and tear without sacrificing mobility.

Five Ten Men’s Hiangle climbing shoes are excellent for those looking to improve their rock-climbing skills without compromising comfort or performance. The combination of top-of-the-line materials such as Stealth C4 rubber soles with expert design choices like the aggressive stiffness profile results in a pair of shoes that will help any climber feel confident tackling new challenges on both indoor walls and outdoor crags alike.

Sure! Here are the Pros and Cons presented in a Markdown table format:

Superior stiffness in the toe box for optimal power transfer during climbingMay not fit true to size, may require going up or down half a size
Single – strand Velcro closure system ensures a snug and secure fit for maximum performanceLack of ventilation can make feet hot and sweaty during extended use
Unlined leather upper with half-size stretch provides a custom-like feel and comfortable fitStiff toe box may not be comfortable for climbers with a preference for more flexibility in the front of the shoe
Stealth C4 rubber outsole (4.2mm) delivers exceptional grip and traction on any surface, making them perfect for all types of climbing terrain

The Five Ten Men’s Hiangle is perfect for the serious climber looking to take their game up a notch. With its stiff toe box, single-strand Velcro closure system, and Stealth C4 rubber outsole, this shoe provides the support and grip you need to ascend like never before. Buy now and be ready to take on any climbing challenge!

View our roundup video that covers the 5 Best Bouldering Shoes in this article:

Factors To Consider When Choosing Bouldering Shoes

How can you decide which bouldering shoes are most suitable for your style of climbing and anticipated terrains?  Let’s discuss each of the major factors you should consider to find the best shoes for your needs.

Fit And Comfort

Finding the right fit and comfort in bouldering shoes is essential for beginners and intermediate climbers alike. The shoes you choose must fit your feet comfortably, providing a crucial balance between performance and coziness.

For example, those with wider feet might feel more comfortable in La Sportiva Tarantulas or Five Ten Moccasyms, while those with narrower feet could opt for Scrapa Vapor V or La Sportiva Solution bouldering shoes.

Additionally, keep in mind that certain climbing techniques like edging or heel hooking may require stiffer soles for added precision while smearing calls for softer rubber to maximize grip on challenging surfaces.

Material And Durability

Material and durability play a crucial role in the performance of bouldering shoes, greatly affecting grip, traction, and overall comfort while climbing. Beginner and intermediate rock climbers should seek shoes that offer a blend of flexibility, toughness, and lightweight design to meet their climbing needs. High-quality bouldering shoes must endure the challenges of edging, smearing, toe, and heel hooking without wearing down or losing shape too quickly. 

For instance, La Sportiva’s Solution Comp boasts patented P3® technology which helps maintain its downturned shape over time – perfect for executing advanced climbing techniques like crack climbing or scrambling.

By investing in durable materials from well-known brands such as EVOLV, Scarpa, or Five Ten you can significantly extend your shoe’s lifespan, ensuring it survives countless outdoor adventures.

Closure System

One crucial aspect to consider while selecting the perfect bouldering shoes is the closure system, which essentially refers to how the shoe fastens and adjusts for a comfortable fit.

The three common types of closure systems are velcro straps, laces, or slippers. 

  • Velcro straps are popular because of their quick and easy adjustability, allowing the climber to break between climbs without dealing with tangled laces.
  • Lace-up bouldering shoes offer precise control over tightness levels across various parts of your foot; however, this precision comes at the cost of spending more time tying and untying your shoes during rests.
  • Slipper-style shoes provide a minimalist approach with no fastenings at all – simply slip on and off. While they may not have as much adjustability compared to their counterparts with laces or velcro straps, slipper designs typically use stretchy materials that adapt well to different foot shapes for great sensitivity on smaller holds during climbs.


1. What Makes A Bouldering Shoe The “Best” For 2024?

In 2024, the best bouldering shoes feature high-performance materials and innovative designs that improve rock surface comfort, grip, and sensitivity. Some key features to look out for include aggressive toe shapes, sticky rubber soles, and adjustable closures.

2. How Do I Choose The Right Size For My Bouldering Shoes?

When selecting a pair of bouldering shoes, it is important to prioritize fit above all else. Your shoes should feel snug but not painfully tight and provide maximum contact with the rock surface without sacrificing your foot’s natural movement or circulation. Try on different types and sizes of shoes to find the one that fits you best.  You may have to try a larger or smaller size than usual to find out what offers the best fit for your feet

3. What Should I Look For To Find Eco-Friendly Options For Bouldering Shoes?

Many top brands are beginning to take sustainability into account when designing new products like climbing shoes. Look for models made from recycled materials (like PET bottles) or designed with environmentally friendly production methods (like low-water dye processes).

4. Can I Use My Top-Rated Bouldering Shoes For Other Activities Besides Climbing?

Bouldering Shoes -  Can I Use My Top-Rated Bouldering Shoes For Other Activities Besides Climbing

While many of the best bouldering shoes are specifically designed with climbing in mind, some models may be versatile enough to work well in other sports like hiking or trail running. However, keep in mind that certain features (like aggressive toe shape) may make them less comfortable during extended walking or running sessions compared to traditional athletic footwear. Also, your shoes will last longer if you reserve them for your climbing sessions.

All of these highly-rated shoes are excellent choices for bouldering, but choosing the ones that will suit you best requires careful consideration of your climbing goals and individual needs. Will you be climbing indoors or outdoors?  What type of terrains will you climb on?  What are your climbing goals? Which shoes best fit the size and shape of your feet?  Consider all these factors to find the perfect shoes for your climbing now and as you progress.

For example, the SCARPA Instinct VSR features high-performance rubber soles for excellent grip and sensitivity and a comfortable microsuede upper. On the other hand, Drago Rock Climbing Shoes are a great choice for sport climbing or bouldering enthusiasts looking for enhanced control and sensitivity on rock surfaces while climbing.  Each of these excellent hiking shoes has a unique mix of features and your job is to select the shoe that best meets your needs.

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Whether you’re hitting the wall in an indoor gym or heading outdoors to find your bouldering problems, now that you have the facts about the best bouldering shoes, it’s time to make your choice and hit the slopes!

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