10 Best Climbing Belay Devices 2024

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Best Climbing Belay Devices

Ensure safety and confidence on your climbing adventures with the ultimate guide to the top 10 best climbing belay devices of 2024, offering efficiency, reliability, and enhanced performance.

Quick Recommendation

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  • Ultimate Climbing Safety: Lightweight, Robust, and High Braking Power: Edelrid Mega Jul
  • Enhanced Safety and Lightweight Design for Confident Climbing: Mammut Smart 2.0
  • Effortless and Reliable Belaying for Climbers of All Levels: Petzl GriGri 2
  • Effortlessly Secure Climbs with Automatic Cam-assisted Blocking: Petzl GriGri
  • Enhance Safety and Control for Climbers with Unmatched Stopping Power: Black Diamond ATC XP
  • Safety and Reliability for Passionate Climbers: Camp USA Matik
  • Popular Choice for Smooth Handling and Safety: Trango Vergo
  • Enhance your Climbing Performance with Control and Safety.: DMM Pivot
  • Safety and Ease for Climbers of Any Level: Wild Country Revo
  • Versatile and Lightweight Climbing Tool for Belaying and Rappelling: Petzl Verso

1. Edelrid Mega Jul

Ultimate Climbing Safety: Lightweight, Robust, and High Braking Power

Our Top Pick
Edelrid Mega Jul
9/10Our Score
  • High braking performance during leader falls
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Difficulty in smooth rope release with carabiner due to small eyelet
  • Requires practice to master belaying technique for leader falls
  • Not recommended for beginners due to high braking performance, which can be harder to control


  • Stainless steel construction for durability and longevity
  • Suitable for multiple sports and activities
  • Versatile one-size-fits-all design
  • Lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry
  • User-friendly and suitable for both men and women
  • Trusted brand: EDELRID is known for quality climbing equipment.

Rock climbers appreciate the multi-functionality and robust construction of the Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device. Crafted from solid stainless steel, this device provides high braking performance, simplifying handling climbing leader falls. The design also integrates a small eyelet that can release the unit with a carabiner when bringing up your partner – a feature aimed at enhancing safety..

It’s versatility and lightweight build set the Mega Jul apart from other climbing devices. You won’t feel weighed down because Edelrid prioritized a compact design, without sacrificing functionality. Plus, it’s suitable for leader belaying and can efficiently bring up two seconds and even serve for rappelling.

We’ve selected the Edelrid Mega Jul as our top pick due to its balance between advanced technology, user-friendly features, and reliable durability in any condition or environment—a true testament to EDELRID’s commitment to innovation in high-end climbing gear.

The Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device is perfect for the adventurous climber looking to trust in safety. Its robust construction, lightweight design, and high braking power make it ideal for both lead climbing or hauling up your partner. 

2. Mammut Smart 2.0

Enhanced Safety and Lightweight Design for Confident Climbing

Mammut Smart 2.0
7/10Our Score
  • Improved safety
  • Versatile use
  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly
  • Stylish
  • Limited compatibility
  • Specific carabiner needed
  • Not for moving parts fans


  • Compact and lightweight design, weighing only 80 grams.
  • Versatile for multi-sport use, suitable for various outdoor activities.
  • Easy to use with one-hand operation for efficient belaying and rappelling.
  • Provides a secure grip on the rope thanks to its innovative braking technology.
  • Durable construction from high-quality materials ensures long-lasting performance.

When it comes to rock climbing gear, safety is paramount. The Mammut Smart 2.0  has all the features that will make it an important part of your climbing toolkit. Its high-performance brake insert design that interacts with the belay carabiner offers enhanced security and optimal support for every climber. This unisex accessory is compatible with rope diameters ranging from 8.7 to 10.5 mm, making it a versatile addition to any climber’s rig.

As a modern accessory designed for both lead climbing and top-rope climbing, Mammut’s Smart 2.0 stands out amongst its peers due to its user-friendly characteristics and innovative functions. It is lightweight–weighing only 80 grams! It has no moving parts or levers which simplifies operation – now you can focus on beating that tricky crux without worrying about equipment malfunction!

The reason we’ve ranked Mammut’s Smart 2.O at No.2 in our list lies primarily within its perfect blend of lightweight design, reliable performance, and universal adaptability.

Whether you’re just starting off or have been scaling rocks for years – the durability and dependability of Mammut’s Smart 2.O will keep you confident during those adventurous ascents and descents!

Mammut Smart 2.0 is perfect for the adventurous climber looking for a lightweight, fast, and easy-to-operate climbing accessory that offers enhanced safety and protection in the event of a fall. 

Get your Mammut Smart 2.0 now and reach new heights!

3. Petzl GriGri 2

Effortless and Reliable Belaying for Climbers of All Levels

Petzl GriGri 2
7/10Our Score
  • Assisted braking for easy handling
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Familiar hand motions for easy use
  • Versatile, fits various rope sizes
  • Requires practice for assisted braking
  • Limited compatibility with some rope sizes
  • Heavier than some belay devices


  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability
  • Intuitive and reliable auto-locking mechanism for enhanced safety
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor climbing activities
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Versatile compatibility with a wide range of ropes
  • Trusted brand in the climbing industry: Petzl

For climbers who prioritize safety without compromising on efficiency, the Petzl GriGri 2 Belay device is a great option! Its assisted braking feature adds an extra layer of security during your climb – one hand simply holds the rope while the other uses the handle to unlock the cam, allowing a very gradual release in case of sudden falls or swift movements. This innovative design offers you notable control over your descent and that’s just part of what makes it rank at No.3 on our list!

The GriGri 2 outperforms many of the other devices when it comes to durability and weight ratio. Despite its compact size- 20% lighter and 25% smaller than its predecessor- it is composed of durable materials, with aluminum side plates and stainless steel cam and friction plate, ensuring longevity.  No matter how tough the climbing conditions,  this gear will meet the test. 

The GriGri is compatible with dynamic single ropes from 8.9 mm to 11mm, giving you flexibility irrespective of rope choices – an aspect most versatile climbers globally prefer.

Whether leading or top roping, the Petzl GriGri 2 offers elevated performance. The Petzl GriGri 2 would be a great addition to your climbing kit this season because of its premium quality, reliable protective features, and reasonable price.

This Petzl GriGri 2 is perfect for climbers looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use belay device. Offering assisted braking and optimized rope compatibility, this product delivers reliable performance and maximum convenience in any climbing environment. 

Try it now to experience the safety and security of top-notch belaying technology!

4. Petzl GriGri

Effortlessly Secure Climbs with Automatic Cam-assisted Blocking

Petzl GriGri
7/10Our Score
  • Wide rope size compatibility (8.5 to 11 mm)
  • Ergonomic handle design for easy use
  • Durable, compact, and lightweight (175 grams)
  • Cam-assisted blocking for enhanced safety and control
  • Limited compatibility with certain rope sizes
  • May require practice for beginners
  • Occasional risk of releasing too much friction with cam-assisted blocking


  • Innovative design with a reinforced nylon handle for improved grip and control
  • Compatible with rope diameters ranging from 8.5mm to 11mm
  • Made from high-quality materials including aluminum flanges, stainless steel, and reinforced nylon for durability and reliability
  • Easy-to-use belay device that provides smooth handling and consistent braking action
  • Suitable for both climbing and mountaineering activities, versatile enough to meet various adventure needs
  • Trusted brand name – Petzl – known for producing top-notch climbing gear

As an avid rock climber, you know the importance of a reliable belay device. The Petzl GriGri Belay Device is among the most efficient and safest options available. Built for use with 8.5 to 11 mm dynamic single ropes, the GriGri accommodates various climbing situations from sport and trad climbs to top-rope ascents. This compact gadget weighs just 175 grams – light enough not to be burdensome while also being sturdy and durable.

The ergonomically designed handle allows easy unblocking of the rope – crucial during those high-stress moments when you’re supporting another climber’s weight or controlling their descent. A standout feature is its cam-assisted blocking mechanism which automatically cinches down on any sudden tension in the rope to enhance safety without putting a strain on your hands. No more fear-filled moments when your partner takes an unexpected fall!

Every Petzl GriGri comes equipped with clear rope installation diagrams engraved directly onto it. It’s a lifeline (literally) if you’re new to belaying or need to switch gears quickly mid-climb! 

This product is perfect for avid climbers who want a reliable and lightweight belay device that allows them to ascend and descend securely. The Petzl GriGri Belay Device is a great choice, offering an easy-to-use ergonomic handle with cam-assisted blocking for added security. 

Don’t miss out on our full review of the Petzl GRIGRI belay device.

5. Black Diamond ATC XP

Enhance Safety and Control for Climbers with Unmatched Stopping Power.

Petzl GriGri
7/10Our Score
  • Lightweight and compact (64g / 2.3 oz)
  • Accommodates various rope thicknesses (7.7 to 11mm)
  • Durable cable design for smooth belaying
  • High-friction mode for enhanced safety
  • Versatile black color
  • Learning curve for proper use
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • High-friction mode may wear out ropes faster


  • Compact and lightweight design (3.65 x 5.65 x 2.65 inches, 0.14 pounds) for easy portability.
  • Durable plastic construction ensures long – lasting performance.
  • Suitable for adult climbers of all skill levels.
  • Trusted brand – Black Diamond is known for producing high-quality climbing equipment.
  • User-friendly ATC XP Belay-Descender provides smooth and reliable belaying and rappelling.

If you’re a rock climber looking for a belay device that will enhance your performance and safety, the Black Diamond ATC-XP  is an excellent choice. This versatile device accepts ropes from 7.7 to 11 mm, making it adaptable for many climbing scenarios. Weighing a mere 64 g (2.3 oz), its lightweight design offers easy portability without compromising on strength or durability due to its updated construction.

The prominent feature of this device is its multiple friction modes that can handle nearly any situation or rope diameter, giving climbers confidence in diverse settings. The high-friction mode provides three times greater hold and stopping power than regular friction mode.  This is a critical feature in unpredictable terrains where precise control becomes crucial. Additionally, the machined windows through the belay device significantly reduce overall weight – another nod towards every climber’s search for lighter gear..

Don’t underestimate the value of small details like its durable cable which holds shape and resists getting entangled between ropes. This feature enhances ease-of-use under pressure situations on climbs. Whether you are navigating steep ascents or managing quick descents, count on the Black Diamond ATC-XP Belay Device to provide reliable support.

This Black Diamond ATC-XP Belay Device is perfect for the adventurous climber looking for an ultra lightweight and versatile belay device that provides extra stopping power. 

Read our full review on the Balck Diamon ATC XP Belay Device

6. Camp USA Matik

Safety and Reliability for Passionate Climbers

Camp USA Matik
7/10Our Score
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Peace of mind warranty
  • Limited compatibility with non-recommended rope diameters
  • Heavier than some other auto-locking belay devices
  • May require additional practice compared to traditional belay devices


  • Innovative Auto-Locking Mechanism: The state-of-the-art auto-locking system, provides enhanced safety and ease of use.
  • Versatile Size: Designed in one size, this belay device is suitable for both male and female climbers, making it a versatile choice for any adventure.
  • Reliable German Engineering: Manufactured in Germany by CAMP, renowned for their high-quality outdoor gear, ensuring durability and performance you can trust.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Weighing only 0.3 kilograms with dimensions of 9 x 5 x 2 inches, the Matik is compact enough to fit into your climbing gear without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.
  • Exceptional Customer Reviews: With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on eight customer reviews, the Matik has received high praise from climbers who appreciate its reliability and effectiveness.
  • Easy to Carry Package: The product comes neatly packaged at dimensions of 9.37 x 5.98 x 1.89 inches with a package weight of just 0.33 kilograms, allowing for effortless transportation wherever your adventures take you.

Exploring the boundaries of rock climbing is easier when you’ve got the Camp USA Matik Belay Device at your disposal. The device’s hot-forged aluminum main body and stainless-steel critical components have been tested in extreme conditions to provide reliable, lifetime use. Suitable for ropes with diameters ranging from 8.6 – 10.2mm, this auto-locking belay device offers great versatility.

The CAMP Matik raises the bar in safety as it reduces impact force in case of a fall thanks to its patented braking system that gradually catches the rope. This feature comes handy especially when trad-climbing or working on projecting sport routes where falls can be frequent and unexpected.

Its innovation isn’t limited to safety though; usability has also been underlined by design choices such as an anti-panic handle that automatically blocks if you pull too hard – a common mistake among climbers during lowering maneuvers. These features will enhance your confidence while climbing, making your expeditions safer and more enjoyable.

The Camp USA Matik Belay Device is perfect for climbers who value safety and dependability. With its lifetime manufacturer warranty, durable construction, and reliable auto-locking design, this device is ideal for those looking to stay safe while challenging their limits on the wall. 

Try it today and feel confident as you push your boundaries!

7. Trango Vergo

Popular Choice for Smooth Handling and Safety

Trango Vergo
8/10Our Score
  • User-friendly design for all skill levels
  • High-quality materials for lasting performance
  • Multiple belaying options for control
  • Not for beginners or novices
  • Higher price than competitors
  • Limited color options


  • Versatile and unisex design: Suggested for both men and women, this climbing belay device is suitable for a wide range of users.
  • Compact size: Measuring just 11 x 6 x 2 inches and weighing only 0.25 kilograms, it’s easy to carry the Trango Vergo on your climbing adventures.
  • Durable construction: Made by TRANGO, a trusted brand in climbing gear, this black belay device is built to withstand rigorous use.
  • Easy to use: The Trango Vergo features a simple design that makes it user-friendly for climbers of all skill levels.
  • Secure rappelling experience: Thanks to its reliable performance and high-quality materials, you can trust the Trango Vergo for safe rappelling.
  • Highly-rated in customer reviews: With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 36 ratings.

When it comes to rock climbing, it’s essential to use a belay device that provides smooth operation and ensures utmost safety. The TRANGO Vergo Rock Climbing Belay Device fills this role seamlessly. Designed with a focus on ergonomics and user-device interaction, the Trango Vergo provides safe performance. T

he unique geometry of the Trango Vergo reduces the likelihood of misuse, even during complex maneuvers such as feeding slack for a clip – you won’t find yourself needing to override the device. Notably, it promotes fluid rope handling and intuitive usage by subtly reorienting the climber’s pull line; thereby promoting safer catches and lower impact forces.

Beyond its superior functionality, assembly in America further assures quality control over all domestic and foreign parts used in its manufacturing process. Whether you’re an experienced climber or just starting out your vertical adventures, adding Trango Vergo to your gear promises an exceptional balance between reliable safety features and optimized usability — contributing to more confident climbs.

The Trango Vergo Rock Climbing Belay Device is perfect for experienced and enthusiastic climbers who are looking to take their passion to the next level. This device provides superior control, safety and convenience that will make your climbing experience truly remarkable. 

Come see for yourself what a difference the Trango Vergo can make!

8. DMM Pivot

Enhance your Climbing Performance with Control and Safety.

DMM Pivot
8/10Our Score
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Two friction modes for versatile climbing scenarios
  • High-performance internal geometry for better rope control
  • Quick pivot feature enables guide mode and controlled lowering
  • Learning curve for beginners with pivot feature
  • Higher price compared to other belay devices
  • Limited color options


  • Compact and lightweight design weighing only 0.15 pounds
  • Versatile for use in multiple sports activities
  • Unisex product suitable for all users
  • Eye – catching lime color for visibility during outdoor adventures
  • High customer satisfaction with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 75 ratings
  • Trusted brand name manufacturer DMM

The DMM Pivot stands out for its innovative design and high performance. This belay device weighs just 72g, making it a lightweight addition to your climbing kit. However, don’t let the weight fool you – this robust tool delivers confident belaying and effective stopping power whether you’re operating in guide mode or from your waist.

The primary feature that sets DMM Pivot apart is its shackle which reduces the force required in initiating lowering of climbers. This translates into greater control over speed while lowering your second climber- an upgrade over traditional guide plates notorious for being difficult to operate in these conditions.

Another important factor is versatility with two friction modes catering to different applications extending beyond single pitch climbs. Overall, the DMM Pivot strikes an exceptional balance between lightness and strength while offering smooth rope control contributing towards safer climbing.

The DMM Pivot Belay Device is ideal for climbers looking to take their performance up a notch. With features like two friction modes and excellent rope control, this product offers the perfect balance of ease-of-use and safety, making it an essential climbing companion! 

Try the DMM Pivot Belay Device today and experience the difference!

9. Wild Country Revo

Safety and Ease for Climbers of Any Level

Wild Country Revo
8/10Our Score
  • Safe without specific locking carabiner
  • Intuitive belaying method
  • Bi-directional locking function
  • Panic-proof mechanism
  • Requires training to use unique belaying method
  • Slightly bulkier than traditional devices
  • Higher price than competitors


  • Innovative design: The unique design of the Wild Country Revo sets it apart from other devices.
  • Intuitive operation: With its easy-to-use mechanism, the Revo makes belaying smooth and hassle-free for climbers of all levels.
  • Enhanced safety features: This device incorporates multiple safety mechanisms to provide climbers with an added layer of protection during their ascents.
  • Versatile compatibility: The Revo is compatible with a wide range of rope diameters, making it suitable for various climbing styles and preferences.
  • Lightweight construction: Weighing only 100 grams, the Revo won’t add unnecessary bulk to your gear while ensuring optimal performance.
  • Durable materials: Crafted by the renowned brand Wild Country, this belay device is built to withstand rigorous use in challenging climbing environments.

The Wild Country Revo has an  innovative bi-directional functionality that works regardless of rope orientation, eliminating common errors stemming from incorrectly loaded devices.

With the Revo, there’s no need for a specific locking carabiner – feel free to use your favorite locker on your rack. This user-friendly feature adds an extra layer of convenience without compromising safety.

By integrating an entirely panic-proof locking mechanism into its design, unrestrained descents become a concern of the past. There’s simply no way to override this function during belaying or when lowering a climber – further magnifying how firmly Wild Country prioritizes safety above all else in their Revo Belay Device.

The Wild Country Revo is an ideal choice for the adventurous climber who needs a reliable and safe product. This innovative device could help you take your climbing experience to the next level. 

Try out Wild Country Revo today and see why it’s become such a popular choice among climbers!

10. Petzl Verso

Versatile and Lightweight Climbing Tool for Belaying and Rappelling

Petzl Verso
7/10Our Score
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable design
  • Versatile use
  • User-friendly
  • Requires practice for proper belaying
  • Not suitable for static ropes or outside diameter range
  • Limited color options (only gray)


  • Lightweight and compact design: Weighing only 55 grams and measuring 7.09 x 0.2 x 5.12 inches, the Petzl Verso is incredibly portable and won’t weigh you down.
  • Versatile: Suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities, it is designed to meet the needs of both beginner and experienced climbers.
  • High-quality construction: Made from durable steel material, the Petzl Verso offers long-lasting performance in various weather conditions.
  • Easy to use: With its simple yet efficient design, it  ensures smooth rope handling for hassle-free climbing.
  • Unisex design: Suggested for use by adults of any gender, making it a versatile choice for individuals or couples who love rock climbing together.
  • Trusted brand: Manufactured by Petzl – a renowned name in climbing gear – you can trust that the Verso meets high standards of quality and reliability.

The Petzl Verso Belay Device is incredibly user-friendly and versatile. With its lightweight design (only 55g), it won’t weigh you down. The innovative V-shaped friction grooves ensure controlled braking while belaying – a big plus in maintaining safety during climbs.

What sets the Petzl Verso apart is its compatibility across rope types and sizes ranging from single 8.5 to 11 mm dynamic ropes to 7.1 to 9.2 mm dynamic half ropes and twin 6.9 to 9.2mm dynamic ropes – an example of functionality meeting flexibility head-on! This level of adaptability makes it suitable not only for climbing but also for rappelling and canyoneering.

The Petzl Verso’s rounded design extends its  life span by limiting wear on rope slots, proving its durability in challenging conditions that climbers face outdoors as well as on practice walls. So if you’re looking for a compact, multi-use, durable belay device ensuring smooth operation while keeping gear weight low and versatility high, look no further than the Petzl Verso.

The Petzl Verso  is perfect for the adventurous climber looking for a lightweight and reliable gear. It offers great compatibility, ease of use, and durability – ideal for both first-time climbers and experienced mountaineers alike! 

Read our full review on the Petzl Verso belay device

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Belay Device

Best Climbing Belay Devices - Factors to Consider When Choosing a Belay Device

When choosing a climbing belay device, you should consider factors such as weight, efficiency, your skill level and experience,  safety and, of course, cost.


When you’re hauling your gear up a steep cliff,  every ounce counts. The weight of your belay device is important for your overall comfort and efficiency as you ascend.

Opting for lightweight belay devices can reduce the load on your harness and aid in speedy, effortless belaying. Luckily, manufacturers like Petzl, Black Diamond, and Camp offer an array of weights to suit different climbers’ needs.

However, as important as weight is, you need to strike a balance between weight and other factors like efficiency and durability.  Lighter doesn’t always equate to better!  For example, belay devices with assisted braking mechanisms weigh slightly more because of their additional components, but they provide enhanced safety features.

Your personal strength and fitness levels also need to be considered because they influence how effectively you can manage the device during use.


When you are comparing belay devices, remember that efficiency isn’t just about speed. It involves the seamless operation of your device in key situations. For example a highly efficient belay device will give you that much-needed assist during a fall, helping to brake with minimal resistance.

It’s critical to select a device that matches perfectly with your rope type and intended style of climbing for optimum performance. 

Tubular styles like the Black Diamond ATC offer a good balance between functionality and versatility. In contrast, an assisted braking model such as GriGri provides extra security – particularly valuable for beginners exploring new terrains and heights. 

The right choice increases not only safety but also confidence, elevating your overall climbing experience.

Skill Level and Experience

To find the belay device that is best for you, it’s necessary to consider your skill level and experience.  For active assisted braking or traditional tube style, Petzl GriGri 2 Belay Device is hard to beat due to its incredible efficiency and user-friendly design, though other popular options exist too for diverse expertise levels.

Crucially, seek expert advice when selecting a belay device; they’ll guide you towards devices appropriately matching your individual climbing needs based on the functional features of each model’s design.


Taking your climbing adventures to elevated heights hinges on using hardware you trust. Atop that essential gear list sits the humble belay device which is so critical to ensuring your safety.

Regardless of cost considerations – which should never overshadow safety valuation – ensure your chosen tool boasts proper certification, signifying rigorous testing to handle real-life scenarios along rocky terrains.


Choosing the right belay device involves considering various factors, and cost is one of them. While it can be tempting to go for the cheapest option, it’s important to remember that safety should always come first.

Opting for a higher-priced belay device often means you’re investing in better quality materials and engineering, which ultimately contributes to your safety on the wall.

Carefully consider the functionality, as well as  weight and price when you compare the different models of belay devices. Premium options tend to be heavier but offer additional features like assisted braking systems for added security.

However, if you’re on a budget or just starting out, there are plenty of reliable mid-range options available that strike a good balance between cost and performance.

Remember, selecting an appropriate belay device is crucial for safe and efficient climbing. So don’t solely focus on cost; consider other aspects such as weight, efficiency, and overall safety when making your decision.


After thorough research and testing, we have determined that the Edelrid Mega Jul and Mammut Smart 2.0 are two top-notch options to consider.

With their durable construction, versatile design, and user-friendly features, these belay devices will undoubtedly enhance your climbing experience. Don’t wait any longer – upgrade your gear today with the Edelrid Mega Jul or Mammut Smart 2.0!


Are certain belay devices better suited for specific types of climbing?

Yes, different types of climbing require different belay devices. For example, if you’re primarily doing sport climbing where falls are more frequent and catching falls is crucial, an assisted-braking device like the Petzl GriGri or GriGri 2 is a good choice. On the other hand, traditional climbers may prefer the Mammut Smart 2.0 for its simplicity and versatility.

Can beginners use any of these top-rated belay devices?

Yes! Many of the top-rated belay devices on the market are suitable for beginners. However, it’s important to thoroughly read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions before using any new equipment and seek proper instruction from experienced climbers or guides.

How do I know which size/weight range is appropriate for me when selecting a belay device?

Belay devices often have weight and size restrictions indicated by the manufacturer. It’s essential to choose a device that matches your body weight within the specified range to ensure optimal performance and safety during climbs. Additionally, considering your intended usage (e.g., single-pitch climbs versus multi-pitch routes) can help determine which size is most practical for your needs.

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