10 Best Quickdraws For Climbing 2024

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10 Best Climbing Quickdraws For 2023

Enhance Your Rock Climbing Experience in 2024 with the Best Climbing Quickdraws – Effortless Clipping, Ultimate Safety, and Lightweight Efficiency Await!

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1. Petzl Spirit Express

Effortless and Efficient Clipping for Rock Climbers

Our Top Pick
Petzl Spirit Express
9/10Our Score
  • Reliable and durable design
  • Lightweight construction for easy handling
  • Quickdraw offers improved ease of use
  • Versatile for various climbing settings
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Limited length options (11, 17, and 25 cm)
  • May not suit all climbing styles


  • Lock Type: Keylock design for secure and reliable clipping.
  • D-Shape design for easy handling and smooth clipping.
  • Lightweight: Weigh only 0.24 pounds for minimal burden during climbs.
  • Compact Size: Measures 7.87 x 0.98 x 3.15 inches, making it easy to carry and store.
  • Available in three lengths: 11, 17, and 25 cm
  • Trusted Brand: Manufactured by Petzl, a well-known and respected name in climbing equipment.
  • Customer Reviewed: With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 31 reviews, it’s highly regarded by climbers like you.

Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraws are a true rock climber’s companion, earning the top spot on our list with its unrivaled combination of reliability and versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a novice, this quickdraw boasts a lightweight construction that doesn’t compromise sturdiness. The straight gate design enhances grip quality for those precarious clips in challenging routes while the Keylock system minimizes snagging risks – a factor that can seriously affect climbing rhythm and safety.

What further distinguishes the Petzl Spirit Express from other contenders is its brilliantly designed bent gate which facilitates efficient rope clipping – an indispensable feature when you think about shaving seconds off your climb time. Plus, it comes in two lengths – 12 and 17 cm, making it adaptable to various climbing scenarios. This quickdraw functions superbly and feels great in your hand thanks to its ergonomic EXPRESS sling shape.  This is one feature that you’ll fully appreciate during those strenuous moments where every bit of support matters!

No wonder why we rank this product number one – Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraws  exemplify excellence in form and function making them a top choice for any climber.

This Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw is perfect for the adventurous climber who wants a reliable, light-weight solution that will make clipping and unclipping simple. Get your quickdraw today and start conquering those big climbs!

2. Black Diamond Hotwire Quickdraw Pack

Ultimate Efficiency: Time – Saving Quickdraw Pack for Experienced Climbers

Black Diamond Hotwire Quickdraw Pack
7/10Our Score
  • Enhanced safety with dual wiregates
  • Increased durability and strength with hot-forged HotWire carabiners
  • Improved visual targeting during climbs with colored bottom HotWire carabiner
  • Convenient and hassle-free use with 18 mm polyester dogbone equipped with Straitjacket
  • Thick dogbone may not suit climbers who prefer thinner width
  • Some users reported difficulty smoothly clipping the rope
  • Colored bottom carabiner may fade with prolonged sunlight exposure


  • Black Diamond HotWire Quickpack features six hot-forged 12 cm HotWire draws, which give full wiregate performance with a no-frills construction at a value. 
  • D – Shaped design for optimal strength and ease of use
  • Lightweight and easy to carry at 94 g (3.23 oz) each – just over a lb for the pack
  • Made with durable plastic material for long-lasting performance
  • The bottom of each quick draw is colored Vibrant Octane which adds visibility and style to your gear
  • Suitable for various sports with its multi-sport functionality
  • Includes all necessary components in one convenient pack

As an avid rock climber, you understand the importance of reliable climbing gear. The Black Diamond Hotwire Quickdraw Pack is that piece of equipment that solidifies your trust during steep climbs and tricky boulders. With six hot-forged 12 cm HotWire draws, this quickdraw pack offers high-performance wiregate functionality without any unnecessary complexity—an ideal choice for climbers who value efficient simplicity.

One standout feature of these Quickdraws is their dual wire gates. This eliminates gate flutter, providing stability and security while you conquer crags or ascend towers. Adding to its functional design, the brightly colored carabiners provide a visual target which improves hand-eye coordination on tough routes. Meanwhile, the sturdy 18mm polyester dogbone comes equipped with a Straitjacket insert that keeps the bottom biner in the optimal clipping position.

For experienced climbers looking to save time without sacrificing safety, the Black Diamond Hotwire Quickdraw Pack is an ideal choice. With its high-quality carabiners and durable dogbone, it’s designed for maximum convenience and durability. Get your pack today and take your climbing to the next level!

Read our full review of the Black Diamond Hotwire Quickdraw.

3. Petzl Ange Finesse

Lightweight and Durable Quickdraws for Efficient Climbing Performance.

Petzl Ange Finesse
7/10Our Score
  • Versatile: Available in four versions to meet various user needs.
  • User-friendly: Efficient and easy to use for climbers of all levels.
  • Lightweight: Ultra-light design provides agility and freedom during climbs.
  • Durable: High-quality construction ensures long-lasting performance in demanding conditions.
  • Limited color options.
  • May be pricey compared to other quickdraws on the market.
  • Availability may be limited in certain regions or stores.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • D – shaped wire lock for secure climbing
  • Suitable for various climbing activities
  • High-quality construction by renowned brand Petzl
  • Convenient size of 17 cm for easy handling
  • Easy to carry and store with its small package dimensions

Keeping your gear light and efficient in the high-stakes world of alpine climbing is crucial. The Petzl Ange Finesse Quickdraw, 17 cm version, delivers this in an impressive package. Weighing at just a fraction compared to conventional carabiners, it doesn’t compromise on strength thanks to its H-shaped cross-section and MonoFil Keylock technology. Its design choices make it resistant to snagging and enhance its robustness – key decision-making factors for any serious climber.

The user-friendly ergonomic finesse sling adds grip power making handling smoother while you navigate rocky terrains or icy slopes. It’s not just about practicality; durability also plays a starring role here. Surviving the wear and tear of extreme conditions is exactly what makes Petzl Ange Finesse stand out from its competitors as a reliable tool for rock climbers.

We’ve selected the Ange Finesse as our No. 3 pick because, although it has all these stellar features that truly revolve around user needs, other models offer higher versatility with adjustable lengths, which can be beneficial depending on your climbing environment. 

Nevertheless,  if shaving every extra gram off your load without compromising safety is your goal, then this innovative product by Petzl should be on your essentials list.

The Petzl Ange Finesse Quickdraw is perfect for the avid climber who wants to be more efficient on the rocks. Enjoy a lightweight and durable quickdraw that won’t weigh you down. Start your climb today with this thoughtful piece of gear!

4. DMM Alpha VW Sport

Fast and Reliable Quickdraws for Serious Climbers.

DMM Alpha VW
7/10Our Score
  • Enhanced safety with a secure and reliable design
  • Lightweight and durable materials for long climbs or frequent use
  • Easy and quick clipping, saving time and energy
  • Vibrant color options for style and enhanced visibility
  • Limited color choices
  • Not suitable for extreme weather conditions
  • Slightly heavier than some other options


  • DMM Alpha VW Sport is a high-quality quickdraw climbing carabiner.
  • Made from durable nylon material for long-lasting use.
  • D-shaped design provides excellent strength and stability.
  • Lightweight construction weighing only 1.5 pounds, making it easy to carry during climbs.
  • Compact dimensions of 12 x 16 x 3 inches ensure convenient storage and transport.
  • Available in a pack of six for added value and convenience.

The DMM Alpha VW Sport Quickdraw is an outstanding product from  DMM which is well known for its reputation for quality and stability. Designed meticulously with both beginners and experienced climbers in mind, these quickdraws are a sound choice for any climber.

The distinctive red color and its durable design make the DMM Alpha VW Sport Quickdraw instantly recognizable amongst climbers worldwide. Its sturdy construction means you can trust it to weather any rock face or rough condition nature throws at you. They are both rugged and lightweight — which you will appreciate when every ounce counts during an ascent.

Another attractive feature is that they come in a pack of six—offering unparalleled value for your money without compromising on quality or safety. Not only does this make it cost-effective but it also ensures you’re never short-handed during crucial climbing moments. 

So whether you’re preparing for your next big climb or simply training at your local gym, the DMM Alpha VW Sport Quickdraw would be a valuable part of your gear collection.

The DMM Alpha VW Sport Quickdraw is perfect for any climbing enthusiast who needs a quickdraw that offers maximum convenience and strength. Featuring lightweight wire gates, sleek design, and unbeatable durability, this 6-pack of quickdraws will help you reach the top faster than ever before! 

Check out our full review of the DMM Alpa Sport Quickdraw.

5. Mammut Crag Wire Indicator Express

Ultimate Safety Assurance for Outdoor Climbing Enthusiasts

Mammut Crag Wire Indicator Express
8/10Our Score
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Clear indicator technology for easy identification of safe belay points
  • Quick and convenient clipping with the wire gate design
  • Versatile for both sport climbing and trad climbing situations
  • Heavy weight compared to other quickdraws
  • Indicator wire can be prone to getting stuck on bolts or gear
  • Higher price than similar products on the market


  • Durable wire lock type for secure climbing
  • Lightweight design at only 0.1 kilograms
  • Convenient D-shape for easy clipping and unclipping
  • Made with high-quality materials from Mammut-a highly respected brand
  • Designed for efficient climbing maneuvers
  • Compact dimensions for convenient storage and transport

The Mammut Crag Wire Indicator Express is lightweight yet durable and it can be purchased in a pack of five quickdraws.

The main highlight of this product lies in its ‘Indicator’ design which sets it apart from standard wire express sets. The ‘Indicator’ technology involves two distinct color layers within each wire sling. When wear and tear take their toll on your gear, a red inner core becomes visible through the outer sheath layer as an automatic warning signal indicating damage or degradation – thus adding an extra layer of safety to your climbs.

The Crag Wire Indicator also incorporates robust gate clearance built into every unit – ideal for easy clipping during intense ascents. User reviews often cite how quickly they’ve gained confidence in using these due to their striking blend of endurance and ease of use. Having used them myself, I can attest that these Mammut products provide peace-of-mind performance in craggy terrains.

Brightly colored yet sturdy in build, Mammut’s innovative approach has yielded impressive results with this multi-pack offering value without compromising quality or safety.  Certainly, this is a product worth considering if you are looking for trusted equipment suitable for increasingly challenging environments.

These quickdraws are perfect for the outdoorsy, safety-minded climber who wants convenience. Reliable equipment. 

Get the Mammut Crag Wire Indicator Express today and equip yourself with a set of trusted gear that helps make your day on the rocks even better!

6. Black Diamond MiniWire Alpine Quickdraw

Ideal for Challenging Alpine Routes – Increased Safety, Lightweight Design

Black Diamond MiniWire Alpine Quickdraw
7/10Our Score
  • Versatile: Can be used as alpine quickdraw and full-length sling
  • Lightweight: Features Black Diamond's lightest carabiners
  • Durable: Made with 100% Dynex Runner
  • Easy to Use: Miniwire carabiners for effortless clipping
  • Limited color options.
  • Not for heavy-duty climbing or load-bearing.
  • Higher price than other options.


  • Compact and lightweight design for easy carrying and use during alpine climbing adventures.
  • Versatile product suitable for both men and women climbers.
  • Features Black Diamond’s durable Miniwire carabiners on both top and bottom ends for a reliable attachment.
  • Made from high-quality plastic material, it provides strength and durability without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Quickdraws can be purchased in a set of three, offering convenience and value for your money.
  • Wire lock type ensures secure connections while minimizing the risk of accidental opening.

The Black Diamond MiniWire Alpine Quickdraw boasts a remarkable blend of lightweight design and reliable strength. Recognized as the lightest in the Black Diamond line of quickdraws, they are lightweight without compromising grip or stability. In addition, the 8mm, 60 cm tubular 100% Dynex Runner is configured in an alpine quickdraw style.  That means that it can serve as a full-length sling for extending placements but also effortlessly adapts to diverse climbing scenarios.

User reviews praise the sleek yet robust design of the MiniWire Alpine Quickdraw which strikes an ideal balance between minimalist aesthetics and top-tier functionality.  The MiniWire Alpine Quickdraw is an essential piece of gear that will deliver exceptional value while enhancing your climbing experience.

Black Diamond MiniWire Alpine Quickdraws are perfect for adventure-seeking climbers. Its lightweight design and extended length make it ideal for challenging alpine routes. 

Try it now to experience increased safety while trying out your toughest climbs!

7. Petzl DJINN AXESS Quickdraws

Reliable and Lightweight Quickdraws for Climbing Success

Petzl DJINN AXESS Quickdraws
8/10Our Score
  • Lightweight and durable quickdraws for various climbing styles
  • Easy bolt clipping with straight gate carabiner, effortless rope clipping with bent gate carabiner
  • Securely joined by AXESS sling
  • STRING sling protector prevents wear and tear on the bottom carabiner
  • Limited color options (only blue)
  • Slightly bulkier than other lightweight quickdraws
  • Higher price than some competitors


  • Lightweight design: Weighing only 0.14 kilograms, these quickdraws won’t weigh you down during your climbs.
  • Durable alloy steel construction: Made from high-quality alloy steel, these quickdraws are built to withstand the rigors of climbing.
  • Easy to use: The DJINN AXESS Quickdraws feature a wire lock type for improved safety.
  • Versatile size: Come in two lengths 12 cm (4.72 inches) and 17 cm (6.69 inches) , these quickdraws are suitable for various climbing situations.
  • Come in a 6-pack: may be purchased for convenience
  • Trusted brand: Petzl is a renowned outdoor manufacturer known for producing top-notch climbing gear.
  • Eye-catching blue color: You’ll stand out with these stylish and vibrant quickdraws.

Ready to level up your climbing experience with the reliable and durable Petzl DJINN AXESS Quickdraws? These quickdraws are designed to handle rock climbing challenges like a pro. With their wide rope contact zone, you can bid farewell to annoying rope drags while ensuring longer durability for both your carabiner and rope. In addition,  the Keylock system prevents snags during clipping and unclipping.

What makes this product stand out is its insightful design. The straight gate carabiners make clipping bolts effortless, and the bent gate design makes rope clipping smooth and efficient which is a big bonus during high-pressure climbs! 

Another handy feature is the STRING SLING protector which maintains the proper orientation of the bottom carabiner for easier clipping.. 

They’re available in two versatile lengths and colors to suit your climbing style or color preferences.  Don’t let their lightweight profile fool you — these DJINN AXESS Quickdraws deliver heavy-duty performance every time perfect for Sport, Trad, and Aid Climbing needs.

DJINN AXESS Quickdraws are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who need reliable and lightweight quickdraws for sport, trad, or aid climbing. With their durable performance and easy-handling carabiners, they will help you reach new heights.

Checkout out our full review of the Petzl EJINN AXESS Quickdraws.

8. CAMP Orbit Wire Express KS

Experience All-around Climbing with Reliable, Secure Carabiners and Dogbones

CAMP Orbit Wire Express KS
7/10Our Score
  • Quick clipping with Orbit Wire carabiners
  • Durable 16 mm polyester dogbones
  • Added safety with Karstop Evo carabiner retainer
  • Versatile for various climbing activities
  • Limited color options
  • Slightly heavier than some quickdraws
  • Carstop Evo retainer may be difficult for some climbers


  • Lightweight design for easy carrying while climbing
  • It can be purchased in a convenient six pack
  • D-shaped shape for secure attachment and reduced risk of accidental opening
  • Wire lock type for quick and hassle-free operation
  • Made with durable polyester material for long-lasting performance
  • Versatile use for various sports and outdoor activities
  • Unisex design suitable for both male and female climbers

CAMP Orbit Wire Express KS Quickdraws are another good option for climbing enthusiasts. Their durable structure and affordable price make them a cost-effective and reliable choice for all-around climbing. Their strength lies in the redesigned interface between the gate and nose that safeguards against accidental opening or wire gate damage, providing peace of mind during challenging climbs.

Lighter in weight than its previous iterations, the new design facilitates easy packing and offers smoother handling during use. The proprietary Karstop Evo carabiner retainer on the 16 mm polyester dogbones ensures an unshifted rope end at all times giving you one less thing to worry about Another attractive feature is their functional size which is even perfect for emergency clips—like when you’re hanging off a cliff trying to clip your next bolt! 

This versatile workhorse has been designed meticulously, meeting all safety standards without sacrificing functionality.  They can be used in a variety of climbing scenarios, including sport routes or long multi-pitch trad climbs. 

This product is perfect for the experienced climber who needs an all-around draw. The CAMP Orbit Wire Express KS Quickdraw 6 Pack offers a reliable and secure solution with two updated carabiners and 16 mm polyester dogbones.

Check out our full review of the Orbit Wire Express KS Quickdraws.

9. Black Diamond Hotforge Hybrid

Ultimate Safety and Visibility for Climbing Enthusiasts

Black Diamond Hotforge Hybrid
8/10Our Score
  • Upgraded design
  • Enhanced safety
  • Convenient bolt clipping
  • Durable construction:
  • Slightly heavier than some competitors
  • Colored bottom carabiner may fade over time
  • Some climbers may prefer different gate mechanisms for added security


  • D-shape design for a secure and comfortable grip
  • Lightweight construction just for easy portability
  • Made by trusted brand Black Diamond for durability and reliability
  • Crafted from high-quality plastic material for long-lasting use
  • The eye-catching blue color adds a touch of style to your gear
  • Versatile hybrid design suitable for a variety of climbing activities

These quickdraws have a unique HotForge keylock top and a hotwire wire gate to ensure maximum safety with effortless clipping. The 18 mm Polyester Dogbone with Straitjacket is robust and durable.

The sleek design of these quickdraws incorporates a user-friendly feature – a colored bottom HotWire carabiner that serves as an easy visual target while climbing, reducing fumbling time drastically. Another convenient feature is the option to buy sets of six which allows climbers to prepare adequately for any challenge they might encounter.

Overall, the Black Diamond Hotforge Hybrid offers a blend of practicality and performance, making this product stand out in today’s market.

The Black Diamond Hotforge Hybrid quickdraw is perfect for avid climbers looking for a safe and reliable way to clip their gear. The top keylock biner makes it easy to attach bolts while the bottom HotWire wiregate adds an extra layer of protection. Plus, the vibrant blue color helps you easily spot your carabiners from a distance – giving you peace of mind when climbing.

Check out our full review of the Black Diamond Hotforge Hybrid Draw Carabiners.

View our roundup video that covers the top 5 Quickdraws in this article:

Key Features to Consider in Choosing Quickdraws

Best Climbing Quickdraws - Key Features to Consider in Choosing Quickdraws

Discover the essential features you should consider when choosing your perfect quickdraw – from strength and durability to gate type and weight. Read on to find out which quickdraws will take your climbing game to new heights!

Strength and Durability

Understanding the strength and durability of quickdraws is essential for your safety while climbing. Top performing brands like Petzl, Mad Rock, and Black Diamond manufacture quickdraws with enhanced resilience.

Relying on rigorous field testing over nine years involving over 35 different quickdraw options,  we have identified those that offer superior performance in terms of both toughness and longevity.

Don’t compromise on strength; each climb requires reliable gear ensuring you’re protected during every move you make.


Another crucial factor to consider when you are comparing quickdraws is their weight. Climbers often overlook this feature, but every gram adds up during those long climbs where you’re hauling your gear along with you.

The Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw weighs in at 100 grams and offers a great balance of strength and lightness.

Remember that reducing the weight of your gear can significantly enhance your climbing performance as well as decrease fatigue levels on extended routes, so opt for lighter designs if possible.


The length of your quickdraw plays a crucial role in determining the distance between you and your protection point. Many climbers favor shorter slings, typically around 10-15 cm, for sport or indoor climbing where routes are naturally shorter.

Conversely, trad climbing often requires quickdraws with lengths around 20 cm to suit different situations.

Whichever style suits you best, ensure that your gear’s strength and durability align with its weight and design – this will serve as your recipe for success on any climb.

Gate Type

When it comes to choosing the best quickdraws for climbing, one key feature you need to consider is the gate type (the mechanism that opens and closes the carabiner).

There are two main options: wire gates and solid gates.

Wire gates are known for their lightweight characteristics, making them ideal for climbers who prioritize a lighter gear setup. They also tend to have a smoother action when opening and closing, which can be beneficial during fast-paced climbs or tricky maneuvers.

On the other hand, solid gates are popular among climbers due to their snag-free operation. These gates provide a more secure closure, reducing the risk of accidental openings while climbing.


What is a quickdraw and why is it important for climbing?

A quickdraw is a piece of climbing equipment that consists of two carabiners connected by a nylon or Dyneema sling. It is used to connect the rope to bolts or other forms of protection during climbs. Quickdraws are essential for safe and efficient climbing as they help reduce rope drag, provide easy clipping points, and facilitate smooth movements.

Can I mix different brands or models of quickdraws?

While it’s generally recommended to use matching sets of quickdraws for consistency in handling and performance, mixing different brands or models can still be acceptable as long as the key features are similar across all draws (e.g., same gate type). However, it’s crucial to ensure compatibility between carabiner types and slings to maintain safety standards.

How often should I replace my quickdraws?

The lifespan of a quickdraw depends on several factors such as frequency of use, exposure to harsh environments (saltwater/sandstone), and signs of wear like frayed slings or gate issues. As a general guideline, inspect your gear regularly and replace any worn-out components immediately. If you’re unsure about the condition of your equipment after thorough inspection, consult with an expert at your local outdoors store or manufacturer’s customer service department.


When you are choosing the best quickdraws for climbing, you can’t go wrong with the Petzl Spirit Express and the Black Diamond Hotwire Quickdraw Pack. These top-notch options offer durability, versatility, and reliable performance that every rock climber needs.

So why wait? Upgrade your gear today and experience the difference these high-quality quickdraws can make in your climbing adventures. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your safety and enjoyment on the wall!

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