10 Best Locking Carabiners For Rock Climbing 2024

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Best Locking Carabiners

Unlock Your Ultimate Climbing Experience with the 10 Best Locking Carabiners for Rock Climbing in 2024 – A meticulously curated list of lightweight, strong, and secure options to elevate your adventures!

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Here are the Specifications for the Best Caribiners

Comparison Table

Product NamePriceShapeItem WeightMaterial
DMM Shadow KWIKLOCK$24.95D-Shape2 OuncesAluminum
Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate$14.95Square85 GramsPlastic
Mad Rock Super Tech Screwgate$10.95D-Shape1.6 OuncesAluminum
EDELRID Pure Slider III$21.9547 GramsAluminum
DMM Phantom Screwgate$15.95D-Shape0.09 PoundsAluminum
Petzl Attache$19.95D-Shape0.06 KilogramsAluminum
Trango Superfly Screwlock Carabiner$17.95D-Shape0.05KilogramsAluminum
Edelrid HMS Strike Slider$29.85D-Shape70 GramsAluminum
PETZL Spirit$17.21D-Shape0.05 KilogramsAluminum
PETZL Am’D$23.95D-Shape0.01 KilogramsAluminum


Lightweight and Strong Carabiner Perfect for Climbers in Tight Spaces

Our Top Pick
9/10Our Score
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy carrying and handling
  • High strength to weight ratio ensures reliable performance
  • Snag-free connection with keylock clean nose design
  • Corrosion resistant for long-lasting durability
  • Limited color options (only available in titanium with red gate)
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty or high-load applications
  • Higher price than some other carabiner options


  • DMM Shadow KWIKLOCK is a lightweight carabiner weighing only 2 ounces, making it perfect for climbers who value lightweight gear.
  • The D-shaped design provides a larger gate opening, allowing for easy clipping and unclipping during climbs.
  • Made from durable aluminum, the DMM Shadow KWIKLOCK offers strength and reliability on any climbing adventure.
  • With its eye–catching red color, they are not only functional but also stylish.
  • The wire lock ensures secure attachment and prevents accidental release.
  • Backed by positive customer reviews and a highly regarded brand like DMM, you can trust the quality and performance of the Shadow KWIKLOCK.

The DMM Shadow KWIKLOCK Carabiner is an outstanding choice for rock climbing enthusiasts, especially those seeking to minimize gear weight without sacrificing safety and performance. The carabiner’s small offset D shape, lightweight but robust, enhances the strength-to-weight ratio, allowing climbers to carry it with ease during prolonged treks or climbs. Additionally, its Keylock clean nose feature eliminates snagging during connection and disconnection – a boon when you’re hanging off a sheer cliff face.

Notably, the DMM Shadow KWIKLOCK sets itself apart with its hot forged and fully heat-treated aluminum construction that perfectly balances minimum weight and maximum strength. Its EN362:2004/B certified status further testifies to its precision engineering suitable for professional use.

The DMM Shadow KWIKLOCK truly shines for its combination of lightness and strength, two of the carabiners’ most important features. That’s why it is our number one pick!

2. Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate

Ultimate Safety for Dynamic Belaying with One-Hand Operation

Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate
8/10Our Score
  • Versatile design for dynamic belaying with Munter Hitch or belay device
  • Easy one-hand operation with screwgate sleeve
  • No snagging with keylock nose feature
  • Securely holds belay loop in place with square hinge end
  • Heavier than some other carabiners
  • Limited color options available
  • Higher price than some competitors


  • Square shape for easy handling and secure grip
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 85 grams
  • Made of durable plastic material for long – lasting use
  • Sleek black color adds a touch of style to your gear
  • Screwgate lock ensures maximum safety while climbing
  • Versatile with its one-size-fits-all design

You’ll appreciate the strength and versatility of the Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate. This uniquely designed carabiner is made wholly from synthetic material, making it lightweight yet robust enough for any climbing adventure. 

The one-hand operable feature allows for quick and easy usage when you’re hanging off a precipice or balancing with minimal handholds. The square hinge end ensures your belay loop stays securely in place, providing critical safety during climbs. The slightly curved spine boosts gate opening – a much-needed characteristic during challenging ascents or descents. 

Moreover, this USA-made product eliminates snagging thanks to its keylock nose feature; no more worrying about gear malfunctions! What edges out most competing products is its screwgate sleeve type H or HMS connector, perfect for dynamic belaying using either a Munter Hitch or other belay devices.

Now you might wonder why we’ve chosen “Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate” as our No. 2 pick.?

It narrowly misses out on top spot due to some climbers preferring lighter options despite its numerous benefits and comprehensive features. Nevertheless, given its performance parameters which emphasize safety combined with user-friendly features (one-handed operation & anti-snag property), there’s no doubt that it can be an essential addition to any climber’s gear collection!

Read our full review on the Balck Diamond Rocklock Screwgate Carabiner.

3. Mad Rock Super Tech Screwgate

Ultimate Security for Climbers and Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Mad Rock Super Tech Screwgate
8.5/10Our Score
  • Superior strength: 24 kN major axis, unmatched durability.
  • Lightweight design: Only 43 g, greater agility and comfort.
  • Easy to use: Quick and secure screwgate locking mechanism.
  • Versatile compatibility: 19 mm gate clearance, 100 mm length, suits various gear setups.
  • Limited gate clearance for larger ropes or thick gloves.
  • Operating screwgate with one hand, especially with gloves, can be challenging.
  • Aluminum material may lack durability and corrosion resistance compared to pricier options.


  • D – Shape design for secure and reliable locking
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for easy handling
  • Black color adds a sleek and stylish look
  • Screwgate locking mechanism ensures maximum safety
  • Compact dimensions (3.7 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches) for convenient storage and carrying

In the world of rock climbing, where every gram counts, the Mad Rock Super Tech Screwgate Locking Carabiner stands out as one of the lightest keylock screwgates available. Weighing a mere 43 g, this compact powerhouse is hot-forged from aluminum for maximum durability. Its nimble design fits comfortably in your hand while easily accommodating ropes and webbing – all without bulking up your gear pack. 

Strength plays as much a role in performance as weight does when it comes to carabiners. This shines through with an impressive Major Axis strength of 24 kN, Minor Axis strength at 8 kN, and Open Gate measured at 9 kN. These figures demonstrate how safety has been interwoven into its lightweight design framework to be durable even under tough conditions! 

Mad Rock Super Tech Screwgate has been chosen for the number three spot because of its balance between high-strength performance and ultra-lightweight convenience. That perfect blend makes this product hard to ignore for those seeking reliability paired with ease of use on their ascents.

The Mad Rock Super Tech Screwgate is perfect for climbers and outdoors enthusiasts who need a reliable locking carabiner that is lightweight and durable. Its secure gate clearance and high-strength materials promise an unbeatable performance.

4. EDELRID Pure Slider III 

Effortlessly Lightweight: One of the Favorite Carabiners for Fast and Easy Climbing.

8/10Our Score
  • Lightweight design, increased mobility
  • Fast and hassle-free clipping with slide-gate
  • Enhanced safety with locking slide gate
  • Convenient and efficient locking mechanism
  • Higher cost than alternatives
  • Aluminum may not be as durable as steel
  • Slide gate may need regular maintenance


  • Lightweight design – weighs only 47 grams for easy portability.
  • Versatile size – one size fits all for convenient use by both men and women.
  • Sleek oasis color – adds a touch of style to your climbing gear.
  • Durable construction – made by renowned brand EDELRID for long-lasting performance.
  • Easy to carry and store – compact dimensions of 3.82 x 2.36 x 0.39 inches make it hassle-free to pack away.
  • Suitable for any climbing activity – designed for various sport types, ensuring versatility in use.

The EDELRID Pure Slider III has an H-profile design that skillfully trims down weight without compromising on strength. Another attractive feature is the easy operation of the slide gate—swift to 

However, what sets the EDELRID Pure Slider III apart from others is its innovative locking slide gate which is easy to lock and unlock for maximum efficiency when you’re negotiating complex climbs. The locking slide gate is the feature that makes this aluminum carabiner truly shine.  Many climbers prefer locking gates for safety reasons and the weight of the Pure Slider III is comparable to most non-locking ones.

The EDELRID Pure Slider III Oasis is perfect for climbers looking for a lightweight and easy-to-operate carabiner. The innovative locking slide gate provides the strength and convenience you need to take your climbing to new heights! If this sounds like you, experience it today and order yours now.

5. DMM Phantom Screwgate

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with These Strong and Secure Carabiners

DMM Phantom Screwgate
8.5/10Our Score
  • Exceptional strength (23 kN rating).
  • Convenient 16 mm gate opening.
  • Lightweight design (41.5 g).
  • Sleek silver and gold finish.
  • Relatively expensive.
  • Color style may not appeal to all.
  • 16 mm gate opening may be small for certain uses.


  • Ultralight and compact design: Weighing only 0.09 pounds makes them easy to carry during climbing.
  • Reliable locking mechanism: With its wire gate lock type, this carabiner provides a secure attachment and prevents accidental openings for enhanced safety.
  • Stylish silver and gold color combination: The sleek silver body with a beautiful gold gate adds a touch of style to your climbing gear collection.
  • Durable construction: Made by DMM, a renowned brand in the climbing industry, this carabiner is built to withstand tough conditions and last for years of use.
  • Versatile shape: The D-shape design allows for easy clipping, making it suitable for various climbing activities such as rock climbing or mountaineering.

When it comes to rock climbing, safety and weight are two primary considerations. The DMM Phantom Screwgate Carabiner offers a perfect balance of both, making it a go-to choice for many climbers. 

As the lightest keylock screwgate carabiner, weighing just 41.5 g, climbers can trust this little powerhouse without adding unnecessary bulk to their gear. Despite its lightweight design, the strength it delivers is remarkable — boasting an impressive push-in strength due to its robust I-beam construction.

Uniquely designed with a silver body and gold gate color style in the Phantom SG Style series, the unit stands out aesthetically and ensures easy gate opening of 16mm for user convenience. Its keylock nose prevents any snagging or catching – an essential feature that makes clipping and unclipping ropes hassle-free while ensuring sure-fire security during your most challenging climbs. Whether you’re ascending craggy cliffs or rappelling steep declines –with DMM Phantom Screw Gate Carabiner at hand– all you’ll be thinking about is conquering heights rather than worrying about your equipment.

The power-packed performance of the DMM Phantom Screwgate Carabiner truly lives up to its name by phantom off substantial weight from your rack yet providing exceptional strength for optimal safety- making it a valuable addition to any climber’s rack.

This product is perfect for thrill seekers and rock climbers looking for a reliable carabiner that offers optimal strength and security. The DMM Phantom ScrewGate Carabiner is lightweight yet strong enough to tackle the most challenging climbs, so get yours today and experience the rush!

6. Petzl Attache

Secure Your Outdoor Adventures with Reliable Locking Carabiners

Petzl Attache
9/10Our Score
  • Secure and reliable SCREW-LOCK system
  • Smooth rope glide, reduced wear, and durability
  • Snag-free keylock design for hassle-free maneuvers
  • Compact and lightweight for easy carrying and use
  • Relatively expensive
  • May be difficult to spot in low light
  • SCREW-LOCK mechanism less convenient for some users


  • D – Shape design for optimal strength and ease of use
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for durability and portability
  • Screw – lock mechanism for secure fastening during climbing or other outdoor activities
  • Compact dimensions (5.51 x 4.33 x 0.39 inches) make it easy to carry and store
  • Trusted brand Petzl ensures high quality and reliability

The Petzl Attache Carabiner is popular for advanced and beginner climbers. Sporting a compact, lightweight asymmetrical design, this carabiner offers great handling without adding unnecessary bulk – a perfect choice for belaying with ease. The addition of the SCREW-LOCK locking system ensures efficient locking while maintaining its simple operation, making it ideal even in tense or challenging climbs.

One major attractive quality of the Petzl Attache is its Keylock system which effectively prevents mingling during maneuvers. Imagine smoothly running your ropes through without worrying about damaging snags that could interrupt your climb. Furthermore, you’d appreciate how this carabiner has wider contact surfaces, promoting better rope glide and reducing wear  – ensuring longevity alongside smooth operation.

Finally, let’s talk about safety standards – trust is everything when you’re hanging off a cliff! The Petzl Attache meets CE EN 12275 type H and UIAA certification standards promising secure anchoring at every step of your ascent and descent. Rock climbers can rely on this dependable equipment to optimize their belay systems and enhance overall security throughout their adrenaline-filled endeavors.

This Petzl Attache Carabiner is designed for the adventurous outdoor enthusiast: its reliable SCREW-LOCK locking sleeve ensures effective safety, while a wider contact surface provides improved rope glide. Whether you’re rock climbing or rappelling, this durable carabiner can withstand your most extreme activities. 

Get ready to explore nature with confidence – get your hands on a Petzl Attache Carabiner today!

7. Trango Superfly Screwlock Carabiner

Secure Your Gear with Ease – The Ultimate Adventure Carabiner

Trango Superfly Screwlock Carabiner
8/10Our Score
  • Easy and secure locking with screwlock mechanism
  • Super strong construction due to hot forging process
  • Smooth and snag-free clipping thanks to keylock design
  • Convenient pack of 4 carabiners for versatile use
  • Limited color options available
  • Slightly heavier compared to other carabiner models
  • Screwlock mechanism can be challenging to operate with gloves on


  • Screw lock for secure and reliable use
  • D – shaped design for easy clipping and unclipping
  • Vibrant orange color for visibility on the climbing wall and in your gear bag
  • Lightweight at only 0.09 kilograms
  • Compact size of 5.5 x 4 x 0.1 inches for easy storage and portability

When it comes to rock climbing, every piece of equipment matters. The Trango Superfly Screwlock Carabiner is a solid entry in this category, owing to its hot forged construction and snag-free Keylock design that ensures smooth clipping. Crafted using state-of-the-art techniques and premium materials, the Superfly is a good choice for any climber’s rack..

These carabiners are available in a 4-pack set, adding value for experienced climbers who often need multiple units. Imagine ascending your favorite crag with these light yet robust carabiners that minimize the chances of snags during mid-climb maneuvers. With each clip feeling more effortless than the last one, you’ll soon realize why Trango is a trusted name among seasoned climbers.

What sets the Trango Superfly Screwlock Carabiner apart from others is its intelligent design choices – evident in how well it performs under testing conditions. Whether easing your second’s extraction work on overhanging routes or ensuring quickdraw hangs straight for free-fall catches on sport routes – it operates brilliantly every time.

So whether you’re an experienced climber or just starting out, consider upgrading your rack with these impressive carabiners from TRANGO!

This product is ideal for adventure seekers and outdoorsmen who want the security of a screwlock carabiner. With its hot-forged construction, snag-free design, and keylock smooth clipping, the Trango Superfly Screwlock Carabiner will give you peace of mind that your gear is safe while exploring the world around you! Get yours today to start your next outdoor adventure with ease!

8. Edelrid HMS Strike Slider

Lightweight and Secure Carabiners for Adventurous Climbers

Edelrid HMS Strike Slider
8.5/10Our Score
  • Durable steel insert for rope friction and drill hook straps
  • H-profile design for optimal strength-to-weight ratio
  • Keylock closure for easy handling
  • Wire shackle prevents unfavorable cross loads
  • Limited color options (Oasis - icemint only)
  • Relatively high weight compared to other models
  • Steel insert may increase product price


  • Lightweight design: Weighing only 70 grams, the Edelrid HMS Strike Slider is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry and use during your climbing adventures.
  • D-shape for versatility: The D-shaped design of this carabiner allows for a wide range of uses, whether you’re belaying, rappelling, or setting up anchors.
  • Superior strength: Made from high-quality aluminum, this carabiner offers exceptional strength and durability to ensure your safety while climbing.
  • Smooth sliding gate: The innovative slider gate on the Edelrid HMS Strike Slider operates smoothly and securely, providing quick and effortless locking and unlocking.
  • Eye-catching colors: Available in the vibrant Oasis-Icemint color option, this carabiner performs well and stands out with its stylish appearance.
  • Multi-sport functionality: Suitable for various sports activities such as rock climbing, mountaineering, or even securing gear during outdoor camping trips.

If you’re a rock climber seeking peace of mind on your adventures, the Edelrid HMS Strike Slider could be a game changer. Its innovative H-profile construction maximizes material utilization, shaving off unnecessary weight without compromising strength. In fact, the tensile strength is an impressive 24Kn. The carabiner’s steel insert combats premature wear from rope friction or drill hook straps – an intelligent design feature that extends its lifespan and saves you money in the long run.

The performance of this locking carabiner doesn’t end there. You’ll appreciate the Keylock closure system for optimal handling when hanging and unhooking – no more struggling with gear while suspended mid-climb! Its wire shackle sets it apart, which keeps it in place when securing to avoid dangerous cross loads; climbers know too well how pivotal this can be. Whether you lean towards screw or triple lock variety, both are available for your preference.

Adding an Edelrid HMS Strike Locking Carabiner to your climbing gear elevates your safety and enhances convenience during climbs. At just 91g in weight, this featherlight piece isn’t going to weigh down your ascent either! And remember: safer climbs mean greater confidence to keep pushing those boundaries and conquering new peaks.

This EDELRID HMS Strike Locking Carabiner Oasis-icemint is the perfect choice for an adventurous climber looking for a carabiner with a secure connection and lightweight design. With its wire hanger, keylock closure, and steel insert, this carabiner provides optimal security without sacrificing weight or performance. Buy now to take your climbing experience to new heights!

9. Petzl Spirit

Ultra-lightweight, Screw-lock Carabiner for Rock and Ice Climbing

Petzl Spirit
9/10Our Score
  • Easy and quick tying or untying of a clove hitch at belay stations
  • Ultra-lightweight design, weighing only 1.4 oz (41 grams)
  • Screw-lock system provides reliability in harsh environments with dirt, mud, or ice
  • Nose and keylock system prevent snagging, ensuring smooth rope glide and positioning of the belay device
  • Not suitable for beginners or those new to rock and ice climbing due to its advanced features
  • The screw-lock system may require additional time and effort compared to other locking mechanisms
  • Relatively expensive compared to other carabiner options


  • D – Shape design for optimal strength and durability
  • Specifically designed for climbing enthusiasts
  • Lightweight, weighing only 0.05 kilograms
  • Trusted brand: Petzl
  • Sleek gray color adds a stylish touch
  • Screw – lock mechanism ensures secure locking

Climbing equipment should be reliable, lightweight, and efficient – the Petzl Spirit carabiner ticks all these boxes. Designed for rock and ice climbing challenges, this ultra-lightweight screw-lock carabiner is a real game-changer in outdoor adventure gear. Weighing merely 1.4 oz or 41 grams, it’s exceptionally easy to carry on your rack without adding undue weight.

Petzl Spirit’s innovative design is not just about its minimal weight. Its standout feature is the adapted tie-in which significantly simplifies the tying or untying of a clove hitch at belay stations – saving you precious time during critical moments. The manual screw-lock system is ideal for harsh environments where dirt, mud or ice could jam an automatic locking system – another detail that illustrates PETZL’s commitment to user-friendly design.

But what sets PETZL Spirit apart, even more, is its ergonomic construction with a nose and Keylock system that prevents snagging during maneuvers while guaranteeing better rope glide and optimal positioning of the belay device. You’ll also appreciate the red band warning when the screwgate lock isn’t secure—no second-guessing anymore if your gear is set up right! With PETZL Spirit Carabiner on your rack, safety meets performance in one compact package!

The PETZL Spirit Carabiner offers ultra-lightweight convenience combined with a secure, reliable design that makes it perfect for connecting a wide range of equipment – from belay systems to positioning lanyards. Imagine yourself on an intense climb; the last thing you want is your gear getting snagged unintentionally. The ingenious Keylock system prevents that from happening.

The durability factor also sets this carabiner apart, boasting a major axis strength of 23 kN and minor axis strength of 8 kN,  it can withstand high levels of stress during demanding climbs with little risk of breaking or deforming under strain. This will give you peace of mind during those nerve-racking vertical challenges.

10. PETZL Am’D

Ultimate Performance and Safety for Outdoor Climbing

8/10Our Score
  • Secure and easy to use with twist-lock system
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling, even with gloves on
  • Versatile for various applications such as belaying or holding equipment
  • Made of high-quality aluminum for strength and durability
  • Relatively heavy weight at 70 grams
  • Limited color options, only available in black
  • May not be suitable for all types of equipment due to its asymmetrical shape


  • D – Shape for easy clipping and increased strength
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for reduced weight
  • Twist – lock mechanism for secure and quick locking/unlocking
  • Compact size for easy storage and portability
  • 3 – year manufacturer warranty provides peace of mind.

You can trust your safety to the PETZL Am’D Twist-Lock carabiner. Its unique D shape is designed with practicality and easy handling in mind, even when wearing gloves. 

Measuring 4.41″ x 2.64″ x .66″, the PETZL Am’D offers plenty of space to hold your necessary climbing gear without feeling bulky or cumbersome! Not only does this make for efficient organization while hanging off a cliff face but it provides optimal functionality no matter which end is used thanks to its cleverly thought-out design features.

This PETZL Am’D Twist-Lock Carabiner is a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts who desire reliable, secure climbing equipment that offers superior functionality. Its ease of handling, ergonomics, and light weight make it ideal for extended hours outside; buy now and experience the difference!

View our roundup video that covers the top 5 Locking Carabiners in this article:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Locking Carabiner

Best Locking Carabiners - Factors to Consider When Choosing a Locking Carabiner

When choosing a locking carabiner for rock climbing, it is important to consider factors such as strength and durability, size and weight, gate type, locking mechanism, and price. Read on to discover how these factors can impact your climbing experience.

Strength and durability

Choosing the right locking carabiner for your climbing needs hinges crucially on strength and durability. These vital features ensure longevity and robustness, even in taxing climbing environments. When choosing a carabiner, consider its strength ratings and ensure that it meets the requirements for your intended use.

The strength of carabiners is typically measured in kiloNewtons (kN).  One kiloNewton is equal to approximately 225 pounds of force. Carabiners are rated for strength in different scenarios:

  1. Major Axis Strength: This refers to the strength of the carabiner when it is closed and loaded end-to-end. The strength rating on the major axis can range from 23-24 kN. The minimum strength for most carabiners rated for climbing is 20 kN on the major axis.
  2. Minor Axis Strength: This refers to the carabiner’s strength when loaded sideways. The minor axis strength is typically lower than the major axis strength, but specific values may vary depending on the carabiner model.
  3. Open Gate Strength: This refers to the strength of the carabiner when the gate is open. The open gate strength can be reduced by as much as a third of its full strength. The specific rating for open gate strength may vary depending on the carabiner model.

Carabiners are tested and rated according to industry standards, such as the UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation) standard, which demands a static strength of more than 20 kN for climbing carabiners. 

Petzl or Black Diamond provide durable options tested for their reliability in supporting anticipated loads during intense ascents. 

Size and weight

For rock climbers, every ounce counts – particularly when it comes to outdoor climbing. Your focus should be on performance and safety, not the weight of your gear. However, there is often a trade-off between weight and durability, so the lightest option may not provide the strength you need so verifying load capacity is critical.

The carabiners you are considering may have very different weights. Wiregate models are the lightest–weighing around 19g to 50g. Unfortunately, locking carabiners tend to weigh more than nonlocking models, but that extra heft is a trade-off for increased climbing safety.

Consider your climbing style and terrain to determine which carabiners are best for your needs. Once you know what you need, you’ll be able to find carabiners with the right balance between size, weight, and durability for your climbing needs.

Gate type

Choosing the right gate type for locking carabiners is another crucial factor to consider. The design of a carabiner’s gate influences its lightness, and compactness, and the important consideration of how easily it can be unlocked.

Non-locking models are lighter in weight and simpler to use and each style has unique features tailored towards different climbing situations.

If you’re into sport or alpine climbing, wiregate carabiners with their lightweight design and smooth operation are a good option. On the other hand, bent-gate variants enhance ease when clipping or unclipping ropes and gear, another critical factor for climbers.

Balancing these attributes with your personal preferences will help you choose a carabiner that fits perfectly into your climbing equipment portfolio.

Locking mechanism

Choosing the right locking mechanism for your carabiner is crucial when it comes to rock climbing. Several types of locking mechanisms are needed, including screw gates, double action, and auto-locking mechanisms.

Screw gates are the most common type and involve manually screwing a sleeve over the gate to secure it. Double-action locking carabiners have an additional feature that requires two separate actions to open the gate, providing added security.

Auto-locking mechanisms automatically lock the gate as soon as it closes, ensuring easy one-handed operation. 

When selecting a locking carabiner, make sure to consider which mechanism suits your preferences and needs best.


Another important factor to consider, of course, is the price. While investing in quality gear is crucial, especially for activities like climbing, you also want to find carabiners that fit your budget.


Can I use any carabiner for rock climbing?

No, not all carabiners are suitable for rock climbing. Using specifically designed locking carabiners that meet safety standards and have appropriate strength ratings to handle the forces encountered during climbing activities is crucial.

What are the main features to consider when choosing a locking carabiner for rock climbing?

When selecting a locking carabiner for rock climbing, it is important to consider factors such as the shape (D-shaped or pear-shaped), gate type (screwgate, twistlock, or autolock), weight and strength ratings, as well as any additional features like keylocks or anti-snag noses.

How do I properly lock a screwgate carabiner?

To properly lock a screwgate carabiner, you need to twist and tighten the gate until it reaches its fully closed position. Ensure that the twisted gate aligns with the keylock notch on one side of the biner body for secure locking.

Are there any maintenance tips for prolonging the lifespan of my locking carabiners?

Yes! To extend the lifespan of your locking carabiners, regularly inspect them for signs of wear or damage. Keep them clean by removing dirt and debris using mild soap and water. Avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals or excessive heat, and store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight when they’re not in use.

Final Verdict

After thorough research and testing, the top two recommendations are the DMM Shadow KWIKLOCK and the Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate.

The lightweight design, durability, secure locking mechanisms, and positive customer reviews make these carabiners stand out among the rest. 

So if you’re ready to take your rock climbing adventures to new heights, don’t forget to equip yourself with these reliable and high-quality locking carabiners!

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