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Have you heard of the EDELRID Absorber Sling – 70cm Night? This little gem is designed to give you the peace of mind you need during your climbing adventures. With its extremely small shock absorber, it can hold a factor 2 standard fall with an impact force of less than 6 kN. Plus, its elasticated arm allows for easy handling of your carabiner. Just attach it to your harness with a girth hitch and you’re good to go!

Now let’s dive deeper into the EDELRID Absorber Sling – 70cm Night with this review. We’ll explore its features, functionality, and performance to help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or just starting out, this review will provide valuable insights into this must-have piece of climbing equipment. So buckle up and get ready to be impressed by what the EDELRID Absorber Sling can do for you.

EDELRID Absorber Sling - 70cm Night

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How the EDELRID Absorber Sling – 70cm Night Works

The EDELRID Absorber Sling – 70cm Night is an innovative and reliable piece of climbing equipment that is designed to ensure safety and provide peace of mind during your outdoor adventures. This high-quality sling incorporates several key features that work together to deliver outstanding performance in various climbing situations.

Compact Shock Absorber

One of the standout features of the EDELRID Absorber Sling – 70cm Night is its extremely small shock absorber. Despite its compact size, this shock absorber is capable of holding a factor 2 standard fall (EN 355), with an impact force of less than 6 kN. This impressive capability significantly reduces the impact force experienced during a fall, which in turn minimizes the risk of injuries.

Elasticated Arm for Close-to-Hand Carabiner Handling

This product also boasts an elasticated arm that allows for close-to-hand carabiner handling. This convenient feature enables climbers to easily manipulate their gear while keeping everything within arm’s reach. Whether you need to quickly clip or unclip a carabiner, this feature ensures that you can do so efficiently, without having to fumble around or waste precious time.

Secure Attachment to Harness

The EDELRID Absorber Sling – 70cm Night is designed to attach to your harness using a girth hitch. This reliable and straightforward method of attachment ensures a secure connection between the sling and your harness, giving you the confidence to focus on your climb. With this secure attachment, you can rest assured that the sling will stay in place and provide the necessary support and safety throughout your climb.

EDELRID Absorber Sling – 70cm Night Uses

The versatility of the EDELRID Absorber Sling – 70cm Night makes it a valuable tool for a range of climbing scenarios. Here are a few examples of how this product can be used effectively:

Anchoring and Equalizing

The Absorber Sling can be used to anchor yourself or your climbing gear to a solid point, such as a sturdy tree or rock formation. Its compact size and shock-absorbing capabilities make it ideal for ensuring a reliable anchor system. Additionally, the sling’s adjustable length allows for easy equalization of the anchor points, ensuring even distribution of the load.

Dynamic Climbing Protection

When used in conjunction with a climbing rope, the EDELRID Absorber Sling adds an extra layer of protection against falls. In the event of a fall, the shock absorber will activate and reduce the impact force exerted on both the climber and the gear. This dynamic protection is crucial for climbers tackling routes with potential fall hazards.

Resting and Positioning

During a climb, there may be occasions when you need to rest or reposition yourself. The Absorber Sling can be used as a comfortable seat sling or foot loop, providing support and stability while you take a break or adjust your body positioning. Its compact size and easy handling make it a practical and versatile tool for these purposes.

EDELRID Absorber Sling - 70cm Night

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Product Specifications

To help visualize the specifications of the EDELRID Absorber Sling – 70cm Night, refer to the table below:

Maximum Fall Factor2
Impact Force
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