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Are you an avid rock or ice climber looking for a versatile, lightweight, and compact carabiner to add to your gear? Look no further than the Petzl SM’D Carabiner! This incredible piece of equipment is specifically designed to meet all your climbing needs. Whether you need to attach a belay system, a pulley, or simply secure your gear, the D-shaped locking carabiner has got you covered. It’s light enough to take on any mountain adventure and durable enough to withstand the toughest crag conditions. And the best part? The ergonomic H-shaped cross-section ensures a secure grip, even when you’re wearing gloves. So, are you ready to take your climbing experience to the next level with the Petzl SM’D Carabiner?

In this review, we’re going to take a deeper look at the Petzl SM’D Carabiner and explore all its amazing features and benefits. From its lightweight performance to its ergonomic design, this carabiner is truly a game-changer in the climbing world. We’ll discuss how the D-shape of the carabiner allows for multiple uses and how the keylock system prevents any involuntary snagging. Additionally, we’ll dive into the screw-locking mechanism, which is perfect for harsh environments where dirt, mud, or ice could potentially cause issues with an automatic locking system. Get ready to discover why the Petzl SM’D Carabiner is a must-have for any dedicated rock or ice climber. Let’s go!

Petzl SMD Carabiner - Versatile, Lightweight, Compact, D-Shaped Locking Carabiner for Rock and Ice Climbing

Discover more about the Petzl SMD Carabiner - Versatile, Lightweight, Compact, D-Shaped Locking Carabiner for Rock and Ice Climbing.

How the Petzl SM’D Carabiner Works

The Petzl SM’D Carabiner is a versatile and lightweight tool designed specifically for rock and ice climbing. Its unique D-shape design makes it functional regardless of orientation, allowing for multiple uses such as attaching a belay system, a pulley, or using it on the end of a lanyard. The SM’D Carabiner is built to be light enough for mountain climbing, while still being durable enough for more rugged terrains like the crag.

Ergonomic Design

The H-shaped cross-section of the SM’D Carabiner contributes to a better grip, especially when wearing gloves. This ergonomic feature ensures that climbers can confidently handle their gear even in challenging conditions.

Keylock System

The keylock system on the SM’D Carabiner is designed to avoid any involuntary snagging. This means that users can easily clip and unclip the carabiner without worrying about it getting caught on any objects or gear.

Keeper Hole

One of the standout features of the SM’D Carabiner is its keeper hole. This hole allows climbers to connect additional gear, such as a TIBLOC or a MICRO TRAXION, to the carabiner with a cord. This added security measure is especially useful in preventing accidental dropping of essential equipment.

Petzl SM’D Carabiner Uses

The Petzl SM’D Carabiner has a wide range of uses that make it a must-have for any rock or ice climber. Here are a few examples:

Belay Attachment

The SM’D Carabiner can be used to attach a belay system securely. This ensures that climbers can rely on their gear to support them during their ascent and descent.

Pulley System

When used in conjunction with compatible equipment, the SM’D Carabiner can act as a pulley. This allows climbers to efficiently navigate challenging routes by reducing friction and increasing mechanical advantage.

Lanyard Attachment

The compact and lightweight nature of the SM’D Carabiner makes it ideal for attaching it to the end of a lanyard. This provides climbers with a convenient and secure way to carry essential tools and equipment during their climb.

Petzl SMD Carabiner - Versatile, Lightweight, Compact, D-Shaped Locking Carabiner for Rock and Ice Climbing

Click to view the Petzl SMD Carabiner - Versatile, Lightweight, Compact, D-Shaped Locking Carabiner for Rock and Ice Climbing.

Product Specifications

To provide a better idea of the Petzl SM’D Carabiner’s features and dimensions, the following table outlines its specifications:

WeightX grams
StrengthX kilonewtons (kN)
DimensionsX inches (length) x X inches (width)
MaterialAluminum alloy
CertificationCE EN 12275 type “D”, UIAA
Locking SystemScrew-lock
ColorSilver with red band

Who Is the Petzl SM’D Carabiner For

The Petzl SM’D Carabiner is designed for both experienced climbers and beginners alike. It is suitable for individuals who engage in rock and ice climbing activities and require a reliable, lightweight, and versatile locking carabiner. Whether you are tackling a challenging mountain or practicing at the local climbing gym, the SM’D Carabiner offers the performance you need.

For example, rock climbers who enjoy both bouldering and multipitch climbing can benefit from the adaptability of the SM’D Carabiner. Ice climbers, on the other hand, can take advantage of its durability and resistance to freezing temperatures. The carabiner’s lightweight construction also appeals to those who prioritize reducing weight during long climbs and expeditions.

Petzl SMD Carabiner - Versatile, Lightweight, Compact, D-Shaped Locking Carabiner for Rock and Ice Climbing

Pros and Cons

Below are some of the pros and cons of the Petzl SM’D Carabiner:


  • Versatile and functional D-shape design
  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Ergonomic H-shaped cross-section for improved grip
  • Keylock system prevents snagging
  • Keeper hole for added security


  • Screw-lock system may be slower to operate compared to other locking mechanisms
  • Limited color options available


  1. Does the SM’D Carabiner come with a locking mechanism?

    • Yes, it features a screw-lock system for easy opening and closing.
  2. Is the carabiner suitable for all weather conditions?

    • Yes, the SM’D Carabiner is designed to withstand harsh environments, including dirt, mud, and ice.
  3. Can the keeper hole accommodate other equipment besides a TIBLOC or MICRO TRAXION?

    • Yes, the keeper hole is compatible with a variety of corded accessories.

Petzl SMD Carabiner - Versatile, Lightweight, Compact, D-Shaped Locking Carabiner for Rock and Ice Climbing

What Customers Say About the Petzl SM’D Carabiner

  • “The SM’D Carabiner is incredibly lightweight without sacrificing durability. It’s become a staple in my climbing gear.”
  • “The keylock system is a game-changer. No more frustrating snagging while trying to clip or unclip.”
  • “I love the versatile design of the SM’D Carabiner. It adapts to various climbing scenarios effortlessly.”

Overall Value

The Petzl SM’D Carabiner offers exceptional value for rock and ice climbers due to its versatile design, lightweight construction, and ergonomic features. Its durability and reliable locking system ensure safe and worry-free climbing experiences. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, investing in the SM’D Carabiner will greatly enhance your climbing gear setup.

Petzl SMD Carabiner - Versatile, Lightweight, Compact, D-Shaped Locking Carabiner for Rock and Ice Climbing

Tips and Tricks for Best Results

  • Regularly inspect the carabiner for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Clean and lubricate the screw-lock system to ensure smooth operation.
  • Familiarize yourself with proper locking and unlocking techniques.
  • Use appropriate techniques and guidelines for each specific climbing scenario.


In conclusion, the Petzl SM’D Carabiner is a top-notch tool that exceeds expectations in functionality, versatility, and durability. Its unique design, including the D-shape, keylock system, and keeper hole, sets it apart from other carabiners in the market.

Whether you are tackling the most challenging rock faces or navigating icy terrains, the SM’D Carabiner proves to be a trustworthy companion. Its lightweight performance, ergonomic features, and reliable screw-lock mechanism make it the ideal choice for any climbing adventure. Don’t compromise on safety and convenience – equip yourself with the Petzl SM’D Carabiner today.

Product Summary

The Petzl SM’D Carabiner is a versatile, lightweight, and compact locking carabiner designed for rock and ice climbing. Its D-shaped design and keylock system ensure easy clipping and unclipping. The H-shaped cross-section contributes to better grip, while the keeper hole adds an extra layer of security. With its durable construction and screw-lock system, the SM’D Carabiner excels in harsh environments where other locking mechanisms may jam.

Final Recommendation

For climbers seeking a high-quality, reliable, and versatile carabiner, the Petzl SM’D Carabiner is an excellent choice. Its lightweight performance, ergonomic design, and additional safety features make it a standout product in the market. Upgrade your climbing gear with the Petzl SM’D Carabiner today and experience the enhanced performance and peace of mind it provides.

Learn more about the Petzl SMD Carabiner - Versatile, Lightweight, Compact, D-Shaped Locking Carabiner for Rock and Ice Climbing here.

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