SCARPA Origin Rock Climbing Shoe Review

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scarpa origin review

Discover the SCARPA Origin climbing shoe, a beloved choice among climbers. We delve into its comfort, durability, and beginner-friendly features in this SCARPA Origin review, guiding you toward the ideal shoe for your rock-climbing endeavors.

Fit and Comfort9
Heel and Toe Hooking8
Indoor Performance8
Outdoor Performance8

Our Verdict

The SCARPA Origin Climbing Shoe is a top choice for beginners looking to embark on their climbing journey.

The design and features of the SCARPA Origin provide a neutral shoe that allows for natural foot flexion while offering support and stability. With its Velcro straps, you have the option to adjust the fit to your preference – whether you prefer a relaxed or snug feel.

One of the standout features of the SCARPA Origin is its affordability. Priced at just $119, it offers incredible value compared to other climbing shoes in its class.

If you’re looking for a reliable climbing shoe that ticks all the boxes – comfort, durability, versatility – then look no further than the SCARPA Origin Climbing Shoe.

  • Versatile design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Sturdy rubber outsole
  • Affordable price point
  • Not ideal for crack climbers
  • Limited support for precision climbing
  • Not the best choice for hard bouldering or sport climbing
  • Sole grip may not be as sticky as some climbers prefer

Overview Of The SCARPA Origin Climbing Shoe

SCARPA Origin Review - Overview Of The SCARPA Origin Climbing Shoe

The SCARPA Origin Climbing Shoe is a top choice for beginners, offering comfort and performance without breaking the bank. With its sturdy outsole and neutral profile, it provides a versatile option for climbers of all skill levels.

Design And Features Of The SCARPA Origin

Stepping into the rock climbing world is an exhilarating experience, and having a reliable pair of shoes can make all the difference. The SCARPA Origin distinguishes itself in this regard with purposeful design and impressive features tailored for beginners.

The exterior boasts a thick rubber outsole that grants confidence-inspiring traction on various terrains. It’s matched with a medium-volume fit that comfortably accommodates different foot shapes without compromising snugness.

One standout feature is the padded suede upper which eases comfort during extended wear by minimizing raw contact spots – you won’t dread wearing these shoes during a long climbing session! Another comfort feature is the practical Velcro straps which enable quick adjustments for either relaxed or secure fit depending on your climbing needs at any given moment.

Whether you’re venturing into indoor gym climbs or tackling moderate outdoor routes, this well-rounded shoe promises to provide some quality mileage at an affordable price.

This climbing shoe embodies what SCARPA Origin stands for: making ascents accessible one step at a time!

Fit And Comfort Of The SCARPA Origin

If there’s one thing that rock climbers need in a shoe, it’s the right balance between fit and comfort. SCARPA Origin climbing shoes stand out in this aspect consistently.

The flat profile, and exceptional support provides maximum comfort during long climbing sessions. 

Remarkably accommodating for almost all foot shapes, the SCARPA Origin has a medium-volume fit—making them reliable climbing shoes for beginners as well as intermediate climbers. The PAF heel system ensures a secure yet comfortable fit – whether you prefer tight or relaxed fitting footwear.

Balancing affordability without compromising quality and performance—the SCARPA Origin gets high marks from many avid climbers who appreciate the blend of durability with utmost ease-of-wear.

Performance On Various Terrains

The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe truly shines when it comes to performance on various terrains. Designed with versatility in mind, this shoe offers climbers the ability to tackle different surfaces with confidence.

One of the key factors contributing to its impressive performance is the flat profile of the shoe. This design allows for natural foot flexion, providing climbers with a more comfortable and effective climbing experience.

Not only does the SCARPA Origin perform well across different terrains, but it also excels in specific climbing techniques. When edging along thin ledges or smearing your way up friction-dependent routes, this shoe maintains an excellent balance between sensitivity and stability.

Overall, whether you’re a beginner looking to explore different types of climbing or an experienced climber seeking a reliable all-rounder, the SCARPA Origin will not disappoint.

Durability And Quality Of The SCARPA Origin

The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe is known for its exceptional durability and quality, making it a reliable choice for rock climbers of all levels. Constructed with a thick rubber outsole, these shoes can withstand the demands of climbing on various terrains without wearing down quickly.

Additionally, the shoe’s overall construction and materials contribute to its impressive durability. The padded suede upper not only provides comfort but also eliminates the need for a long break-in period, allowing you to hit the rocks right away.

SCARPA has implemented their Vision compound outsole in these climbing shoes, which enhances both footwork and longevity.

Moreover, this durable performance doesn’t come at an exorbitant price. With an affordable retail price of $115, SCARPA Origins offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality or comfort.

Performance Of The SCARPA Origin Climbing Shoe

Although the SCARPA isn’t a dedicated performance shoe, its design and features make it suitable for climbers of all skill levels. The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe excels in various performance aspects, including edging on small jibs, smearing on slabby surfaces, hooking onto holds, and jamming into cracks.


The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe offers impressive performance when it comes to edging. The shoe’s design and construction allow for solid precision and stability on small footholds.

The grippy Vision sole compound allows you to grip onto edges with confidence, freeing you to push your limits on the wall.

One of the best features of the SCARPA Origin is that it strikes a good balance between comfort and performance. While not specifically designed as a high-performance shoe, it still manages to excel in edging performance.


The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe excels in smearing, making it a reliable choice for climbers tackling various terrains. 

The shoe’s thick rubber outsole provides exceptional grip and stability when smearing on friction-dependent surfaces like slabs or granite walls. Also, the suede upper of the SCARPA Origin contributes to its excellent smearing performance by allowing for optimal flexibility and sensitivity. This means that you can feel the holds beneath your feet more accurately, enabling you to trust your weight distribution and find secure footing even on seemingly smooth rock faces.

Overall, the SCARPA Origin’s proficiency in smearing makes it a top choice for climbers seeking reliable traction on challenging terrain. Its durable construction and versatile design cater to both beginners looking to build their technique as well as advanced climbers who value precision footwork on delicate features.


The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe is a versatile option that also performs well for hooking. 

The shoe’s PAF heel system ensures a secure fit and enhances performance when executing hooks on rock surfaces.

With its flat profile and flexible midsole, the Origin provides natural foot flexion and good smearing performance on featureless rock surfaces.

Not only does the SCARPA Origin deliver in terms of performance, but it also prioritizes comfort. The suede upper is padded to provide cushioning during long climbs and reduces the break-in period typically associated with climbing shoes.


The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe excels in jamming, making it a top choice for rock climbers. Jamming is a technique used to wedge your foot or hand into cracks, allowing you to gain stability and control during climbs.

The Origin’s flat profile and suede leather upper provide the perfect combination of comfort and support needed for effective jamming. Furthermore,  its adjustable fit thanks to dual opposing Velcro straps, ensures a secure hold while jamming.

Beginner climbers will appreciate how the SCARPA Origin enhances their ability to jam effectively without compromising comfort or durability.

Product Specifications Of The SCARPA Origin

SCARPA Origin Review - Product Specifications Of The SCARPA Origin

The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe is made with high-quality materials, including a suede upper for comfort and durability. The light weight makes it easy to maneuver while climbing.

The closure system, featuring two Velcro straps, provides a secure fit. Multiple sizes are available to ensure the perfect fit for every climber.

Materials Used

The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe is constructed using high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance. The upper of the shoe is made from suede leather, which not only enhances its longevity but also provides a comfortable fit.

The 5mm thick proprietary Vision rubber outsole offers excellent grip on various terrains, allowing you to confidently tackle different climbing routes. Additionally, the ultra-thin 1.9mm Flexan midsole strikes a perfect balance between support and sensitivity, enabling you to feel the rock beneath your feet while maintaining stability.


The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe is a lightweight option for rock climbers, weighing in at just 7.6 oz / 215 g. The low weight of this shoe makes it ideal for long climbs and all-day adventures without foot fatigue or discomfort.

The SCARPA Origin’s lightness does not compromise its durability or quality. It is constructed with high-quality materials that can withstand rugged terrains and regular use. Rock climbers who prioritize a lightweight climbing shoe will find the SCARPA Origin to be an excellent choice.

Closure System

The closure system of the SCARPA Origin climbing shoe is designed to provide a convenient and user-friendly experience.

The closure system is an important aspect to consider when choosing climbing shoes, because it directly affects how well the shoe fits and performs on different terrains. The SCARPA Origin’s velcro closure allows you to customize the fit, and make quick adjustments, saving you time and hassle at the crag. It also allows for  easy on and off which is convenient during belays or rest periods where you remove your shoes.

Sizes Available

The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe is available in a range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit for every climber. Whether you have smaller feet or need larger sizes, there is an option for you.

With the choice between relaxed and snug fits using the velcro straps, you can find the ideal level of comfort and support. SCARPA understands that finding the right size is crucial for a successful climb, which is why they offer a variety of options to suit different foot shapes and sizes.

 The wider and taller heel cuff allows for bigger size fits, accommodating different foot shapes without sacrificing performance

It’s important to note that these shoes do not stretch over time, so it’s recommended to buy the correct size from the start.

SCARPA Origin: Men’s Vs Women’s

The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe is available in both men’s and women’s versions, with slight differences in design and fit to cater to the specific needs of each gender.

Differences In Design And Fit

The men’s version is designed to accommodate the wider foot shape typically found in men, while the women’s version has a narrower fit which provides more comfort for many women climbers.

In terms of design, both the men’s and women’s versions share similar features such as the flat profile, which offers excellent stability and support during climbs.

When it comes to fit, the men’s version of the SCARPA Origin has a wider heel cuff compared to the women’s version. This allows for a more accommodating fit for climbers with larger feet.

Overall, whether you choose the men or women-specific SCARPA Origin climbing shoe, you can expect outstanding performance combined with comfortable and supportive fitting.

Performance And Comfort For Men And Women

The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe is a fantastic choice for both men and women, providing exceptional performance and unmatched comfort. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your climbing to the next level, these shoes have got you covered.

Superior comfort is provided by a number of features including:  its flat profile that allows for natural foot flexion; the velcro straps offering relaxed or snug fit depending on your preference: and the padded suede upper provides instant comfort without requiring an extensive break-in period.

Not only do these shoes excel in comfort and fit, but their performance is top-notch as well. The thick rubber outsole offers excellent grip on various terrains while also providing durability that will withstand countless climbs.

Whether you’re an experienced climber or brand new to the sport, the SCARPA Origin climbing shoe delivers incredible performance and unparalleled comfort for both men and women alike.

Customer Reviews And Feedback On The SCARPA Origin

SCARPA Origin Review - Customer Reviews And Feedback On The SCARPA Origin

The SCARPA Origin climbing shoe has received overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and feedback from rock climbers of all skill levels.

One satisfied customer described the SCARPA Origin as perfect for beginners due to its entry-level features combined with high-quality construction.

Another reviewer mentioned that they appreciated the versatility of the SCARPA Origin. They found it suitable for both indoor climbing walls and outdoor routes, making it a great all-around option.

In terms of comfort, customers consistently rated the SCARPA Origin highly. The padded suede upper not only provided a plush feel but also eliminated the long break-in period typically associated with new climbing shoes.

Customers also commended Scarpa’s use of their exclusive Vision compound in the outsole construction, which enhances durability while improving overall footwork during climbs.

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable yet high-performing climbing shoe designed specifically with beginners in mind, the SCARPA Origin comes highly recommended by fellow rock climbers who have put it to the test in various settings and challenges.

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Comparison to Other Climbing Shoes

By comparing the SCARPA Origin Shoe with other well-known climbing shoes available in the market, such as the TC PRO, Cobra, and Katana Lace, you can make a more informed decision that aligns with your individual climbing requirements and personal preferences. Here’s a brief overview and comparison of these four climbing shoes:

SCARPA Origin Shoe
Katana Lace
Climbing Shoe
Climbing Shoe
SCARPA Origin Shoe
Katana Lace
Best For
Best For
Advanced Climbers
Intermediate Climbers
All Skill Levels
Suede upper, Neutral foot flexion profile, Adjustable Velcro straps, Durable Vision rubber sole, Secure PAF heel system
Neutral shape, Vibram XS Edge rubber, leather upper, high ankle support, lace-up system
Neutral shape, Vibram XS Edge rubber, leather upper, high ankle support, lace-up system
Neutral to semi-downturned shape, leather and synthetic upper, Vibram XS Edge rubber, lace-up system

When selecting climbing shoes, it’s crucial to take into account your specific skill level and climbing style. These shoes come with distinct features and benefits that cater to various preferences. Factors like sensitivity, grip, comfort, and price should be considered to ensure you find the perfect shoe that meets your climbing requirements.

Want to compare this shoe with other top rock climbing shoes on the market? Read our other reviews on popular climbing shoes.


 Is the SCARPA Origin suitable for beginners?

The SCARPA Origin is often recommended for beginners due to its comfortable fit and versatile performance. It provides good support and sensitivity, making it an ideal choice for climbers who are just starting out.

How does the sizing of the SCARPA Origin run?

The sizing of the SCARPA Origin tends to run true to size or slightly small compared to street shoes. It is advisable for climbers to try them on before purchasing or refer to the brand’s official sizing guide.

What type of climbing is the SCARPA Origin best suited for?

The SCARPA Origin is designed primarily for indoor climbing and moderate outdoor routes. Its medium stiffness offers enough support for technical moves while allowing flexibility and precision on different types of terrain.

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