Scarpa Veloce Rock Climbing Shoe Review

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Scarpa Veloce Review - Scarpa Veloce Rock Climbing Shoe Review

Uncover the exceptional value, comfort, and performance of the Scarpa Veloce Rock Climbing Shoe, perfect for indoor climbing enthusiasts of all skill levels. This Scarpa Veloce Review showcases its exceptional sensitivity, high-quality design, and customer-recommended sizing considerations, making it a top choice for climbers.

Fit and Comfort10
Heel and Toe Hooking8
Indoor Performance9
Outdoor Performance7

Our Verdict

Overall, the Scarpa Veloce climbing shoe is an excellent choice for indoor climbing enthusiasts. Its soft and flexible construction offers a high level of sensitivity and comfort, making it ideal for extended wear. In addition it rates highly for it’s fit for a large range of foot sizes and shapes, including climbers with a Roman foot shape.

While this shoe may not be the best option for outdoor climbing due to its lack of rigidity, it excels in smearing and friction-dependent moves. Additionally, its affordability makes it a great value-for-money option.

Our Final Verdict: The Scarpa Veloce rock climbing shoe is a versatile and comfortable option for indoor climbers of all skill levels. Its sensitivity, breathability, and lightweight design make it a great value for money.  However, it isn’t the right choice for everyone, for example, it may not provide enough support for certain outdoor terrains and heel hooking techniques.

  • Affordable and good value
  • Comfortable fit with extra toe space
  • Sensitive with great hold feedback
  • Performs well for beginners on artificial holds
  • Soft construction wears out quickly outdoors
  • Challenging on smaller pockets (rounded toe box)
  • Not ideal for heel hooking (despite good grip)
  • Unnecessarily long Velcro strap discomforts some climbers

Overview Of Scarpa Veloce Rock Climbing Shoes

Scarpa Veloce Review - Overview Of Scarpa Veloce Rock Climbing Shoes

The Scarpa Veloce is a high-performance rock climbing shoe designed for indoor climbing and suitable for all skill levels. With its tensioned heel, specially formulated sole, and comfortable fit, this Veloce provides excellent performance and comfort to climbers everywhere.

Features And Design

The Scarpa Veloce Rock Climbing Shoes boast a unique combination of features and design that caters to climbers of all skill levels.

One of the standout features of Veloce shoes is their split sole made from soft S-72 rubber, which provides both sensitivity and grip. It has a moderately downturned shape which allows climbers to conquer steep terrain and perform smearing moves with confidence.

Additionally, the lightweight and breathable construction enhances overall comfort during long sessions at the climbing gym. Also, the velcro closure system allows for quick and easy adjustments, making it a popular choice for climbers who want to adjust their shoes quickly between climbs.

Material And Durability

Scarpa Veloce rock climbing shoes have a mix of durable materials that contribute to their overall strength and longevity. Constructed with synthetic microsuede, the shoe’s upper material provides resistance against abrasion while maintaining comfort through its soft texture.

One notable feature adding to the durability of these shoes is the minimal midsole, which not only offers optimum sensitivity for smearing and friction-dependent moves but also reduces chances of delamination issues commonly found in other climbing shoes.

Additionally the reinforced stitching around high-wear areas such as heel rand ensures this shoe can withstand rigorous climbing sessions over time without compromising performance or comfortability.

Sizing And Fit

The Scarpa Veloce is an indoor climbing shoe that offers a relaxed performance fit. The shoe is suitable for climbers with a Roman foot shape and has extra space in the toe box for improved comfort during extended wear.

The wave velcro closure system allows for easy on and off access while providing a finely-tuned fit. 

However, when purchasing the Veloce, it’s important to pay attention to sizing as some customers found that they had to size down from their regular street size for optimal performance.

Performance And Comfort

Scarpa Veloce Review - Performance And Comfort

The Scarpa Veloce offers all-around performance for beginners with a tensioned heel that allows for excellent heel hooks and specially-formulated sole that provides solid grip on artificial holds, while also offering comfortable wear during extended climbing sessions.

All-around Performance For Beginners

The Scarpa Veloce rock climbing shoe is an excellent choice for beginners who want all-around performance and comfort. It received an impressive 10 out of 10 rating for both comfort and sensitivity.

This shoe has a soft, flexible design that allows you to feel every feature and divot underfoot, making it easy to grip and maneuver in different types of terrain. Whether you’re indoor climbing or out on real rocks, the Veloce offers superior sensitivity, flexibility, and all-around performance. Its split sole design makes it perfect for smearing and friction-dependent moves while its minimal midsole provides additional flexibility. The velcro closure system makes it easy to adjust or remove the shoes quickly.

While this shoe may not be suitable for crack climbing or jamming, it’s a great choice for sport climbing and indoor bouldering where footwork accuracy is essential.

Tensioned Heel For Heel Hooks

The Scarpa Veloce features a tensioned heel that is perfect for heel hooks. The soft construction, combined with the secure velcro closure system, allows climbers to easily hook onto footholds and ledges without fear of slipping off.

This feature makes the Veloce an excellent choice for those looking to improve their performance on technical routes or boulder problems that require precise footwork. However, it’s worth noting that, due to its softness,the Veloce may not be ideal for crack or trad climbing where more support and stiffness are necessary.

Specially Formulated Sole For Artificial Holds

One of the standout features of the Scarpa Veloce rock climbing shoe is its specially formulated sole for artificial holds. This unique sole construction delivers improved performance and comfort during indoor climbing sessions, where artificial holds are more common.

The split sole design provides excellent flexibility, while also allowing for precise foot placement on smaller footholds. The super-sticky rubber compounds used by Scarpa provide added grip on even the most challenging routes, ensuring that you can climb without fear of slipping or sliding out of place.

Comfortable Fit For Extended Wear

The Scarpa Veloce is renowned for its exceptional comfort, making it an ideal shoe for extended wear on long climbs. The relaxed performance fit and extra space in the toe box ensure that your feet won’t feel cramped or constricted even after hours of climbing, and the soft construction allows you to flex your foot without discomfort.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, finding a comfortable shoe that can keep up with all-day sessions is crucial for achieving success on the wall.

Compatibility With Different Terrains

Scarpa Veloce Review - Compatibility With Different Terrains

The Scarpa Veloce’s specially formulated sole is ideal for smearing on faux rocks or artificial holds, making it a great choice for indoor climbing.

Handling Different Types Of Rock And Surfaces

The Scarpa Veloce climbing shoe is designed to handle various types of rock and surfaces. 

The split sole, minimal midsole, and soft construction it excels in smearing and friction-dependent moves where sensitivity is key.  This shoe is ideal for smoother surfaces like slabs and technical climbs. However, the shoe’s soft construction and lack of edging ability can make it challenging to use on smaller holds or rougher outdoor stones.

In a nutshell, the Scarpa Veloce is a versatile shoe that can handle different types of rock and surfaces, but is better suited for indoor climbing or smoother outdoor surfaces.

Suitability For Indoor And Outdoor Climbing

The Scarpa Veloce rock climbing shoe is not only great for indoor climbing, but also performs well in many outdoor terrains.

Great Grip For Indoor Climbing

The Scarpa Veloce rock climbing shoe is the perfect tool for indoor climbers, offering a strong grip and excellent performance. Climbers also appreciate the exceptional comfort of the Veloce. Its relaxed fit and roomy toe box prevent cramping during long climbs. In addition, its moderate downturn design performs superbly on steep terrain and overhangs. The Veloce is highly rated for indoor climbing with a score of 9 out of 10.

Quick-wear On Rougher Outdoor Stones

While the Scarpa Veloce is a great indoor climbing shoe, it may not hold up as well on rougher outdoor stones. The soft construction of the shoe can lead to quick-wear and tear when used frequently in an outdoor setting.

However, this does not mean that the Veloce is completely unsuitable for outdoor climbing.

If you are someone who enjoys both indoor and outdoor climbing, it might be worth considering a separate pair of shoes specifically designed for outside use. Alternatively, if you are a beginner or primarily climb indoors, the Veloce would still be an excellent choice for occasional outdoor use due to its comfortable fit and all-around performance.

Comparison To Similar Climbing Shoes

Other similar climbing shoes to consider include the La Sportiva Tarantula, Black Diamond Momentum, and Evolv Defy, each with their own pros and cons to weigh against the Scarpa Veloce.

Here’s a quick comparison of these four climbing shoes:

Scarpa Veloce Rock Climbing Shoe Review
La Sportiva Tarantula
Black Diamond Momentum
Evolv Defy
Climbing Shoe
Climbing Shoe
Scarpa Veloce Rock Climbing Shoe Review
La Sportiva Tarantula
Black Diamond Momentum
Evolv Defy
Best For
Best For
Beginner To Intermediate Climbers
Beginners to Intermediate Climbers
Medium Tension Dts™ Active, Rounded Toe Shape, Paf Heel System, Single Z-Strap Closure, Perfect For All Indoor Climbing
Quick-pull lacing Harness, Durable FriXion® rubber compound, Lined Tongue, Aggressive Rubber heel
Neutral shape, Two Velcro straps, Soft flex midsole, Hemp footbed, Softer toe rands, Updated heel rubber geometry
Neutral Shape, Easy-To-Wear Velcro Straps, Trax SAS rubber, Flat Sole And Toe Box, Slipper-Like Feel

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La Sportiva Tarantula

La Sportiva Tarantula is a popular climbing shoe that offers similar features to Scarpa Veloce. It has a moderate profile and asymmetry that provides balance on various surfaces and terrains, making it suitable for intermediate climbers who want an all-around performing climbing shoe.

The unlined leather upper provides comfort and breathability, while the velcro closure ensures a snug fit without sacrificing flexibility.

However, unlike Scarpa Veloce’s sensitive sole design that excels in smearing and friction-dependent moves, La Sportive Tarantula struggles with its edging ability due to its lack of rigidity on small holds.

Black Diamond Momentum

When it comes to choosing climbing shoes, the Black Diamond Momentum iis a viable competitor for the Scarpa Veloce. The Momentum features a unique knit upper that stretches and molds to your foot, providing amazing comfort and breathability.  The sole is made from high-friction rubber and has a supportive midsole for added stiffness.

While both shoes are priced similarly, the Black Diamond Momentum offers superior durability for outdoor use as compared to the Scarpa Veloce.

Ultimately, whether you choose the Scarpa Veloce or Black Diamond Momentum will depend on your personal preferences in terms of fit, performance capabilities, and intended use.

Evolv Defy

If you’re looking for another alternative to the Scarpa Veloce, consider checking out the Evolv Defy. This climbing shoe is a bit sturdier than the Veloce and performs well in both indoor and outdoor settings.

It’s designed for beginner to intermediate climbers and has a rating of 8 out of 10. The Defy features a slight downturn, making it ideal for vertical climbs with smaller holds. It also has more padding compared to other beginner shoes, providing added comfort during extended wear.

Women’s Version Of Scarpa Veloce

Scarpa Veloce Review - Women's Version Of Scarpa Veloce

Both the men’s and  women’s version of the Scarpa Veloce were specifically designed for indoor climbing.  However there are some design differences which make it more comfortable for a woman to wear.

The women’s version of the Veloce has an even more spacious toe box and heel fit than the men’s version which provides improved comfort for extended wear during gym climbing sessions or longer routes.

Women with wider feet will appreciate the extra space as it helps to prevent hot spots and blisters.

Designed For Indoor Climbing

The Scarpa Veloce is specifically designed for indoor climbing, making it an excellent choice for climbers who frequent the gym. Its wide toe-box and breathable construction ensure comfortable wear during extended sessions, while its moderate profile and medium asymmetry make it suitable for steep terrain and overhangs.

The shoe’s tensioned heel also makes it ideal for heel hooks, adding to its versatility. Highly rated for indoor climbing with a score of 9 out of 10, the Veloce is considered a great value for money with a rating of 9 out of 10 as well.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages of the Scarpa Veloce rock climbing shoe include its excellent grip and performance, comfortable fit for extended wear, and affordable price.

Good Grip And Performance

The Scarpa Veloce climbing shoe offers fantastic grip and performance for climbers of all levels. The specially formulated sole provides excellent traction on indoor surfaces, making it an ideal choice for gym climbers.

Its moderate downturned shape, combined with the tensioned heel, offers improved support and precision when tackling technical routes on steep terrain. The shoes excel in smearing and friction-dependent moves, giving you the confidence to tackle challenging boulder problems and routes.

Additionally, the affordable price of these shoes makes them a popular choice among intermediate climbers looking to upgrade their gear without breaking the bank.

Comfortable Fit

The Scarpa Veloce is known for its comfortable fit, scoring 10 out of 10 on comfortt. The shoe’s upper is made with a combination of suede and microfiber that molds to your foot shape over time, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit.

Rock climbers who value comfort will appreciate the Scarpa Veloce’s roomy toe box that helps relieve pressure and prevent cramping during extended wear. Additionally, the shoe’s lightweight design makes it feel like a second skin, allowing for maximum mobility and freedom of movement.

Affordable Price

For rock climbers on a budget, the Scarpa Veloce is an excellent choice. The Veloce was rated 9 out of 10 as well for its value for the price.

Compared to other shoes in its class like the La Sportiva Tarantula and Black Diamond Momentum, the Scarpa Veloce stands out as a cost-effective option without sacrificing essential features or compromising durability.

May Not Be Sturdy Enough For Some Climbers

Although the Scarpa Veloce is a great value climbing shoe for beginners, it may not be sturdy enough for more experienced climbers who push harder grades or prefer edging on small holds.

The soft construction of the shoe can wear out quickly when used outdoors on rougher terrain. In situations where rigidity and durability are crucial, other options like La Sportiva Tarantula or Black Diamond Momentum may be a better fit.

Not The Best For Outdoor Climbing

While the Scarpa Veloce is an excellent indoor climbing shoe, it may not be the best choice for outdoor climbing. The shoe’s soft construction and lack of rigidity can lead to quick wear when exposed to rougher outdoor stones.

Additionally, the rounded-toe box may not provide the necessary grip for smaller pockets found on natural rock formations. It is worth noting that these issues are less prevalent in indoor settings, making the Veloce a great value option for gym climbers pushing past 5.10-grade routes.

Customer Reviews And Feedback

Scarpa Veloce Review - Customer Reviews And Feedback

Customers have praised the Scarpa Veloce for its excellent grip, comfortable fit, and versatile performance on different types of indoor climbing surfaces.

Positive Feedback From Customers

Climbers who have tried the Scarpa Veloce rave about its performance and comfort. The shoe has a remarkable rating of 8.5 out of 10 for overall satisfaction, with many customers praising its sensitivity and sticky rubber soles that provide excellent grip on any surface.

Customers also appreciate the Veloce’s breathability and light weight, making it easy to wear even for extended periods. According to feedback from climbers, the Scarpa Veloce is an ideal choice for beginners looking for an all-around performing shoe suitable for indoor climbing or smearing on smoother outdoor surfaces.

Criticisms And Concerns

While the Scarpa Veloce rock climbing shoe offers excellent value and performance for indoor climbers, it has received some criticisms and concerns from customers. 

Some users have found that the rounded-toe box is not ideal for smaller pockets, limiting its use in certain climbing situations.

Furthermore, while the Veloce is suitable for intermediate-level climbers seeking an affordable shoe with high performance, it may not be sturdy or durable enough for more advanced outdoor climbing.

Sizing can also be tricky for those with low-volume feet or narrow heels and ankles.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

The Scarpa Veloce rock climbing shoe has received high marks from customers. With an overall rating of 8.5 out of 10, climbers have praised the shoe for its exceptional sensitivity and comfort.

The Veloce is designed with a relaxed performance fit and extra space in the toe box, making them ideal for extended wear on indoor climbs. 

Many customers appreciate the value for money they get with these shoes as well, as they offer top-notch features at an affordable price point.

As noted above, some climbers caution that the soft construction may not hold up to outdoor climbing or be sturdy enough for more advanced climbers looking for better support on small holds.

Video Review


How does the fit of the Scarpa Veloce compare to other climbing shoes on the market?

The Scarpa Veloce has a snug and precise fit, which is typical of high-performance climbing shoes. It features a narrow toe box that helps with edging and precision footwork, while still providing enough room for comfort during longer climbs.

How does the Scarpa Veloce’s rubber compare to other climbing shoes?

The Scarpa Veloce climbing shoe features Scarpa’s new S-72 super sticky rubber, which is 4mm thick. The rubber is softer than other beginner climbing shoes, which provides excellent sensitivity and grip, but may affect the shoe’s durability. Scarpa increased the thickness of the rubber to 4mm to improve the durability of the shoe  Reviewers have noted that the rubber is well-suited for indoor and outdoor climbing, including gritstone bouldering

How good is the ventilation when using the Scarpa Veloce on long climbs?

Ventilation is crucial when it comes to comfortable footwear during extended usage periods. It’s important that your feet don’t get too sweaty or hot inside your climbing shoes.The Veloce’s breathable synthetic uppers provide improved ventilation so you don’t feel like your feet are suffocating.  Shoes that breathe well are more comfortable which enhances your overall climbing experience.

Not only does the Veloce maintain breathability, they also prevent bad smells from accumulating. Veloce shoes remain hygienic throughout their lifespan because of the odor reduction technology built right into them!


The Scarpa Veloce is a top-performing indoor climbing shoe that offers softness and comfort while delivering excellent grip and performance. It has an impressive sensitivity rating of 10 out of 10 and a comfort rating of 10 out of 10, making it suitable for extended wear during training or competitions.

The Veloce is moderately downturned, allowing climbers to tackle steep terrain and overhangs with ease. While it struggles with edging on small holds, the shoe excels in smearing and friction-dependent moves, making it ideal for indoor climbing.

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